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Ancient dog drawings show leashes, and how Earth might be viewed as a "topological insulator"—a designation usually reserved for the quantum level... [Read More]
In the classical picture of solid mechanics, deformation in response to stress is constrained owing to limitations on the degrees of freedom. For instance, when... [Read More]
Obliged to make a choice between two goals, we evaluate the benefits of achieving the goals compared with the costs of the actions required before... [Read More]
Channelrhodopsins are membrane channel proteins whose gating is controlled by light. In their native setting, they allow green algae to move in response to light.... [Read More]
Efficient and precise RNA editing to correct disease-relevant transcripts holds great promise for treating genetic disease. Cox et al. took advantage of the ability of... [Read More]
Although nonhuman primate brains are similar to our own, the disparity between their and our cognitive abilities tells us that surface similarity is not the... [Read More]
In mammals, two types of major histocompatibility complex (MHC) molecules, MHC I and MHC II, are found on the surface of cells in association with... [Read More]
Viruses are parasitic entities that lack the basic metabolic machinery required to provide the energy and biosynthetic building blocks needed for their replication. To overcome... [Read More]
More than 350 years ago, Robert Hooke wrote, "As the extension, so the force," when he appreciated how solids deform. This law of linear elasticity... [Read More]
RNA plays important and diverse roles in biology, but tools to study and engineer it are limited. Abudayyeh et al. ( 1 ) and, on... [Read More]
Prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of vector-borne diseases such as malaria, leishmaniasis, and dengue fever is a complex problem. Major reductions in transmission require multiple different... [Read More]
A key element of information processing in the brain is the flow of ions across membranes through ion channels. For optogenetic applications, scientists replace these... [Read More]
When you think of archaea—perhaps the most ancient life forms—extreme locations such as hot springs, alkaline lakes, and wastewater treatment plants likely come to mind.... [Read More]
A century after they were discovered killing diarrhea-causing bacteria in the feces of World War I soldiers, the viruses known as bacteriophages, or simply phages,... [Read More]
Last month, astronomers wowed the world when they announced that they had seen two neutron stars merge, apparently creating heavy elements such as gold and... [Read More]
Congress has given government scientists working at U.S. defense laboratories an opportunity for a much bigger payoff—up to $500,000 per year—if their research is a... [Read More]
Equatorial Kelvin waves occur constantly in Earth's atmosphere and ocean. They constitute an isolated and powerful component of the observed atmospheric wave spectrum ( 1... [Read More]
My early experiences mentoring undergraduate students didn't go well. My first attempt came during the second year of my Ph.D. I was still trying to... [Read More]
How a grad student grew into a mentor... [Read More]
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