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Spending too much time alone can be unhealthy and there is growing evidence that the psychosocial effects of too much solitude can last a lifetime.... [Read More]
Physicists have designed a pocket-sized cosmic ray muon detector to track these ghostly particles. The detector can be made with common electrical parts, and when... [Read More]
In a breakthrough development, scientists have shown that they can successfully amplify light using electrically excited films of the chemically synthesized semiconductor nanocrystals known as... [Read More]
Climate change is a topic that is debated, doubted and covered by news outlets across the world. Now an academic is researching the evolution of... [Read More]
A new discovery is providing scientists a better understanding of how rainfall is shared beneficially by the plant community and the human population, in addition... [Read More]
Female chimps that lack supportive friends and family wait longer to start having babies, researchers find. An analysis of more than 50 years' worth of... [Read More]
Researchers are learning more about undergraduates' experience in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) classes and sharing a set of survey questions that will help... [Read More]
Researchers have led a preclinical study demonstrating that the drug palovarotene suppresses the formation of bony tumors (osteochondromas) in models of multiple hereditary exostoses (MHE).... [Read More]
Researchers have shown how to write any magnetic pattern desired onto nanowires, which could help computers mimic how the brain processes information. [Read More]
Astronomers have discovered some of the oldest stars in our Milky Way galaxy by determining their locations and velocities. [Read More]
Researchers have for the first time determined the full genetic consequences of intense inbreeding in a threatened species. [Read More]
Women who have had gastric sleeve surgery to lose weight may want to consider limiting the number of alcoholic drinks they consume post-surgery. A new... [Read More]
The Cascadia Subduction Zone off the coast of the Pacific Northwest has all the ingredients for making powerful earthquakes -- and according to the geological... [Read More]
Researchers have proven it is possible to increase or decrease our enjoyment of music, and our craving for more of it, by enhancement or disruption... [Read More]
Data from more than 800 Veterans Health Administration (VHA) primary care clinics revealed that national implementation of a patient-centered medical home model was effective at... [Read More]
In your bloodstream, there are immune cells called neutrophils that, when faced with a pathogenic threat, will expel their DNA like a net to contain... [Read More]
Dark features previously proposed as evidence for significant liquid water flowing on Mars have now been identified as granular flows, where sand and dust move... [Read More]
If you're materialistic, you're likely to use Facebook more frequently and intensely. A new article reveals that materialistic people see and treat their Facebook friends... [Read More]
New maps of a mountainous landscape under a key glacier in West Antarctica will be a valuable aid in forecasting sea level changes. [Read More]
To support their hulking bodies, blue whales use various acrobatic maneuvers to scoop up many individually tiny prey, filtering the water back out through massive... [Read More]
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