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An analysis of published studies indicates that children with chronic kidney disease may have lower intellectual functioning compared than children in the general population. Compared... [Read More]
The global fishing fleet is so big it can be seen from space. Really. [Read More]
Using an innovative crystallization technique for studying 3D structures of gene transcription machinery, researchers revealed new insights into the long debated action of the 'magic... [Read More]
From short 'tsiks' and 'ekks' to drawn-out 'phees' -- all the sounds produced by marmoset monkeys are made up of individual syllables of fixed length,... [Read More]
New research overturns a long-held assumption that Przewalski's horses, native to the Eurasian steppes, are the last wild horse species on Earth. [Read More]
A research team has discovered the process -- and filmed the actual moment -- that can change the body's response to a dying cell. Importantly,... [Read More]
Chemists have developed a boron-based molecule capable of binding nitrogen without assistance from a transition metal. This might be the first step towards the energy-saving... [Read More]
Some molecular biologists who study the proteins that regulate cell operations do not confine their research to understanding the molecules' current roles. They also look... [Read More]
The wetting and adhesion characteristics of solid surfaces critically depend on their fine structures. However, until now, our understanding of exactly how the sliding behavior... [Read More]
Quantum computers may one day solve algorithmic problems which even the biggest supercomputers today can't manage. But how do you test a quantum computer to... [Read More]
When a complex system is left alone, it will return to its initial state with almost perfect precision. Gas particles in a container, for example,... [Read More]
55 patients representing 17 cancer types tested positive for TRK fusion and were treated with larotrectinib. Overall response rate was 75 percent. [Read More]
Scientists are calling on the Australian authorities to review their decision to introduce the carp herpes virus as a way to combat the common carp... [Read More]
Schizophrenia may be related to neurodevelopment changes, including brain's inability to create the appropriate vascular system, according to new study. The results broaden the understanding... [Read More]
Pre-clinical animal research is typically based on single laboratory studies conducted under highly standardized conditions. But in a new study, researchers show that this near-universal... [Read More]
Glowing creatures like fireflies and jellyfish are captivating to look at but also a boon for science, as their bioluminescent molecules contribute to visualizing a... [Read More]
A living cell is able to neatly package a big jumble of DNA into chromosomes while preparing for cell division. For over a century, scientists... [Read More]
Bats are known to harbor highly pathogenic viruses like Ebola or Marburg and yet they do not show clinical signs of disease. Scientists find that... [Read More]
Sepsis occurs when the body's response to the spread of bacteria or toxins to the bloodstream damages tissues and organs. The fight against sepsis could... [Read More]
Between the brain's neurons and glial cells is a critical but understudied structure that's been called neuroscience's final frontier: the extracellular space. With a new... [Read More]
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