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Two female NASA astronauts will not make history on Friday by being the first-ever all female crew to conduct a spacewalk at the International Space... [Read More]
Yes, there's uranium. Plus: space scientists will get their first look at Moon rocks sealed since 1972 and a research-fraud whistleblower is set to receive... [Read More]
US law requires researchers to post study findings on a public registry within a year of completion — or face heavy fines. [Read More]
Longleat Safari Park says its project is still helping koalas despite criticism after one animal died. [Read More]
Vice President Mike Pence announced the first lunar destination for American astronauts: the south pole. But a lot of work needs to be done before... [Read More]
The following is a statement from NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine on Tuesday's announcement by Vice President Mike Pence, at the fifth meeting of the... [Read More]
A historic spacewalk with two female astronauts has been postponed. But some aren't happy with the reason given. Janet Shamlian explains. [Read More]
My secondary objective was Montgomery, about three hours out of Huntsville. For reasons I'm still trying to figure out, I wanted to explore The National... [Read More]
The cloud will inevitably be a component of your customers' and prospects' data strategies, not to mention your own. But how does…... [Read More]
Twenty Grant Union high school students shared the hypotheses and conclusions of their research during the school's March 14 science fair. [Read More]
Reactions after NASA cancels the first all-women spacewalk because there aren't enough spacesuits that fit. [Read More]
Scientists may finally be close to understanding the mechanisms behind hallucination. A study led by researchers at the University of Oregon has imaged what happens... [Read More]
Farida Jalalzai hasn't officially been the head of Oklahoma State University's political science department for a full year, but she is already making big changes. [Read More]
It's spring break! A long winter of cold and snow has probably kept you inside for far too long. Turn off the television and get... [Read More]
National Transport Authority has confirmed the metro will terminate at Charlemont... [Read More]
Astronomers hailing from Cornell, Lehigh and Vanderbilt universities have narrowed their search down from a whopping 250,000 stars. NASA's TESS satellite will investigate these stars. [Read More]
Bob Nardelli, former CEO of both Home Depot and GE Transportation, discusses the current IPO market. [Read More]
NASA says there's not enough time to get two medium suits ready... [Read More]
Chairmen Frank Pallone, Jr. and Paul Tonko announce a hearing on how state and local leaders are responding to the climate crisis in the wake... [Read More]
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