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Last year, the original London production of "Billy Elliot the Musical" closed after 11 years of performances. Now, 11-year-old old San Diego Musical Theater and... [Read More]
San Diego State moved up in the national rankings Sunday morning, hours after winning a game for the first time in 40 years as a... [Read More]
Regarding "Solana Beach renews red light camera contract" (Sept. 17): At least one city in the county has not lost its way regarding red light... [Read More]
There's nothing like listing "sandwich artist" to burnish one's résumé, right? But for Sheri, Ted and Jamie, three worker bees at an in-mall sandwich shop... [Read More]
Dozens of homeless people on Thursday morning were sprawled out in the courtyard on 15th and Commercial streets outside of Father Joe's Villages in San... [Read More]
The first Santa Ana wind event of the fall will blow through Southern California Sunday through Wednesday, producing strong winds in Orange County and San... [Read More]
The Colts have been coy, not saying exactly when Andrew Luck would be back. But this is about what they expected. Otherwise, they would... [Read More]
Big spike in UC pensions helps drive latest tuition increases. [Read More]
The "restroom shortage" ("Grand Jury repeatedly warned city restrooms are lacking," Sept. 21) is a symptom of a problem that has been brewing for decades:... [Read More]
Veteran journalist Mark Bowden is best known for "Black Hawk Down," a reconstruction of the disastrous 1993 military raid in Somalia that left 18 Americans... [Read More]
The video is only 97 seconds long, yet it tells a shocking tale with many layers and interpretations. Recorded on Sept. 27, 2016, the film... [Read More]
For today's Back Story, reporter Peter Rowe discusses his Page One story about the anniversary of Alfred Olango's violent death in El Cajon. Q.... [Read More]
The two best known candidates for the county Board of Supervisors first faced off five years ago, when they both sought to become the next... [Read More]
In part one of our report on rethinking drought and water," ("Out of the woods?" Sept. 23, 2017) California State Climatologist Michael Anderson and University... [Read More]
People in Los Angeles must be pretty annoyed with us these days. We keep sending them things they don't want. First, the Chargers. Now, hepatitis.... [Read More]
CITY COUNCILS CARLSBAD The Carlsbad City Council will meet at 6 p.m. Tuesday in council chambers at 1200 Carlsbad Village Drive.... [Read More]
This past spring, The San Diego Union-Tribune began testing a new service for local readers of the social network Nextdoor, sharing news stories at the... [Read More]
CITY COUNCILS CARLSBAD The Carlsbad City Council met Tuesday in special closed session to discuss litigation. In regular session, the council... [Read More]
The landing gear failed as a plane landed at Brown Field Saturday night, but no one on board was injured, a fire official said. ... [Read More]
There can be little doubt now about the electricity emanating from the San Diego State football team. This is what the Aztecs had to... [Read More]
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