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The European Parliament's Brexit group said on Thursday it would not approve an agreement on Britain's departure from the EU that did not contain a... [Read More]
Ankara has the capacity to create a "safe zone" in Syria on its own but will not exclude the US, Russia or others if they... [Read More]
One of Russia's major energy projects in Turkey, the Akkuyu nuclear power plant (NPP), will soon become operational. It is expected to provide 17 percent... [Read More]
UN chief Antonio Guterres on Thursday appealed for dialogue in Venezuela to avoid the political crisis spiraling out of control. [Read More]
Video footage of protests in the Venezuelan capital of Caracas show sporadic violence, as the city became the stage for a brutal fight for power... [Read More]
The US might use its Latin American allies as proxies to oust Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro in support of Washington's recognized opposition leader Juan Guaido,... [Read More]
The weeks-long squabble over the State of the Union speech appears to be over, after the US president conceded that he would not deliver the... [Read More]
Facing increased public scrutiny, Google and Facebook spent record amounts of money lobbying the US government on privacy and antitrust policies in 2018, with both... [Read More]
Beijing may cut off all investment to Silicon Valley over Western pressure on China-based Huawei, the former deputy governor of the People's Bank of China... [Read More]
A Russian Sukhoi Su-27 fighter jet was deployed to intercept an unidentified aircraft moving towards the Russian border. The potential intruder turned out to be... [Read More]
The elemental building-blocks of life arrived on Earth when it collided with a "Mars-sized planet" 4.4 billion years ago – an impact that also created... [Read More]
A US-born Iranian journalist was freed without charge on Wednesday after testifying before a grand jury. Her arrest by the FBI had sparked protests and... [Read More]
One man must have thought the Venezuelan crisis needed divine intervention when he tried to charge Pope Francis' convoy carrying the Central American country's tricolor... [Read More]
Recognition of the rebel president in Venezuela is a prime example of Western disrespect for international law and sovereignty, said Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria... [Read More]
A France 4 game show for teenagers has tried to take on the elusive – yet fearsome – Russian "fake news," teaching children that all... [Read More]
US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has refused to pull diplomats from Caracas, arguing the government that severed diplomatic ties with the US is not... [Read More]
The US-led recognition of Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido as legitimate president could lead the country into bloody civil war, experts have warned, slamming foreign... [Read More]
Scour the history books and you will struggle to find an act of imperialism more brazen than US President Donald Trump's de-recognition of Nicolas Maduro... [Read More]
Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro said Caracas is breaking off diplomatic relations with the US, giving American diplomats 72 hours to leave the country, after Donald... [Read More]
US President Donald Trump has informed Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi that he will show up on January 29 to deliver the State of... [Read More]
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