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The art house helmer tells THR of making 'High Life,' researching astrophysics and facing her fear of special effects. [Read More]
The Star Wars actress gave a cow tongue in a Tiffany box to teach the Hollywood producer a lesson. [Read More]
Before enacting the Cuban trade embargo in 1962 Kennedy requested his head of press get him "1,000 Petit Upmanns." [Read More]
Digital screen use is a staple of contemporary life for adults and children, whether they are browsing on laptops and smartphones, or watching TV. Paediatricians... [Read More]
Fruit trees naturally reproduce themselves from seeds, but most fruit trees that you buy are not produced that way for very good reasons. There are... [Read More]
Robert Mueller has obtained thousands of emails from 12 accounts linked to Donald Trump's transition team. The special counsel investigating alleged collusion with Russia is using... [Read More]
According to Variety, Star Wars; The Last Jedi star Oscar Isaac is set to lend his voice to Gomez Addams, the patriarch of The Addams... [Read More]
reddit: the front page of the internet... [Read More]
reddit: the front page of the internet... [Read More]
reddit: the front page of the internet... [Read More]
reddit: the front page of the internet... [Read More]
reddit: the front page of the internet... [Read More]
an estimated $27.8 billion worth have been given this holiday season. But many also never get fully used. What to do? Swap them. Regift them.... [Read More]
Winnie the wombat is celebrating 31 years, making her the oldest wombat in Australia and maybe even the world. [Read More]
The Beatles refused to play to segregated audiences in the US, a contract for one of the group's concerts shows. [Read More]
In 2004, 16 year old Atefeh Sahaaleh was executed in Iran for adultery and "crimes against cha... [Read More]
Just when you thought you could get through a month without an end of world conspiracy, one manages to speed its way across the solar... [Read More]
'Our stand from day one is very clear - right of non-discriminatory access to internet is not negotiable,' Ravi Shankar Prasad said. [Read More]
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