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If ever there were a would-be colleague who someone of even slight libertarian tendencies should be leery of, it is Roy Moore. [Read More]
The DOJ has indicted two Chinese nationals for sending fentanyl to the U.S. Now what? [Read More]
At a press conference this afternoon about the ongoing budget process in the Senate, Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) announced that he told President Donald Trump... [Read More]
The drug czar nominee withdrew his name after being portrayed as the henchman of villains who profit from addiction. [Read More]
Senators reach tentative deal on ObamaCare insurer payments. Blackwater founder Erik Prince rules out Senate run in Michigan, but is eyeing Wyoming. Clearly,... [Read More]
What Rosenstein wants would threaten data security. That's hardly responsible. [Read More]
The regime says it's not ready for diplomacy until it can hit America's East Coast, but it also claims the entire U.S. mainland is within... [Read More]
Rand Paul squares off against John McCain yet again on military spending, in a fight that could derail both the budget and tax reform. [Read More]
We've moved to a new venue because demand was so high! Buy tickets ($10) now! [Read More]
"They did it for money, and they destroyed a good and honest man." [Read More]
Ajit Pai notes that his agency has no authority to consider journalistic content in making license decisions. [Read More]
Christina Alonso spent 48 hours in the United States, all of them in an Oregon jail. [Read More]
What's the opposite of a gateway drug? [Read More]
Is rebuilding after disasters the government's responsibility? [Read More]
Is rebuilding after disasters the government's responsibility? [Read More]
An increase in ambush deaths feeds a "war on cops" narrative, but the numbers remain small. [Read More]
Congress shouldn't hand it. [Read More]
He wants to use them to advance a nativist agenda. [Read More]
After the media revealed the threatening, fraudulent notices, a lawsuit has targeted the practice. [Read More]
The ailing senator is right that "half-baked, spurious nationalism" is wrong. But so is his brand of hawkish intervention. [Read More]
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