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It's a tale of two Thanksgiving dinners. While President Donald Trump and his family prepared to sit down for a holiday feast at their Florida... [Read More]
Hate crimes against LGBT people in Russia have doubled since the country instituted a law banning "gay propaganda," researchers told Reuters on Tuesday. The banning... [Read More]
Activist Lance Cooper was inspired by the #MeToo campaign to start a campaign to not only stop the misogyny in rap music, but out sexual... [Read More]
Actor Michael Rapaport said he has taken Big Baller Brand entrepreneur LaVar Ball's side amid his feud with President Donald Trump, which snowballed after Ball... [Read More]
Delayed or canceled flights are known to be an annoyance to passengers traveling on or around the holidays. But a group of travelers at the... [Read More]
Seven people were treated for carbon monoxide poisoning in Miami on Thanksgiving, after they improperly attached a turkey fryer to a propane tank. According to... [Read More]
President Donald Trump has a new best friend in Fox News' "Judge Jeanine" Pirro and it seems he trust her legal counsel more than he... [Read More]
After being abducted by her mom's ex-boyfriend on Halloween, three-year-old Zy'Rah Holliday is back home with her family for Thanksgiving — and is giving them... [Read More]
When the world's first cloned animal died in 2003 at the age of six, many suspected the cloning process put Dolly into an early grave.... [Read More]
Lightning is powerful enough to set off nuclear reactions in the atmosphere, a new study found. Japanese researchers report that the powerful electrical discharge produces... [Read More]
Five mistakes that will sap your money and your sanity. Spend your money wisely. jarmoluk/Pixabay Hear that sound? Those are the rapidly approaching footsteps of... [Read More]
But it may bring more trust to your Thanksgiving table. Don't blame the turkey for those snores coming from the living room! Shannon Jordan/Shutterstock.com 'Tis... [Read More]
From the archives: things you're afraid to ask about digestion. Thanksgiving, 1918 Public Domain, via Wikimedia Commons In November of 1964, Popular Science published "Stupid... [Read More]
Russia's foreign ministry said on Thursday that moves by Alphabet Inc's Google to place articles from Russian news outlets Sputnik and Russia Today lower in... [Read More]
A man wrongfully convicted in California of the 1978 double-murder of a woman and her child is spending his first Thanksgiving Day as a free... [Read More]
A Houston-area woman has been charged with mailing booby-trapped packages designed to explode to former U.S. President Barack Obama, Texas Governor Greg Abbott and a... [Read More]
After being allegedly profiled by police at New York's Fort Drum Army base, soldier D'Lawrence A. Williams said he wants to help the police who forced... [Read More]
Ivanka Trump has been rather quiet on social media this Thanksgiving—after posting a few photos of herself with her daughter and step sister, Tiffany, at... [Read More]
A trooper for the Texas Department of Public Safety was shot and killed Thursday south of Dallas, according to local media. The shooting happened at... [Read More]
Donald Trump had a very busy first Thanksgiving as president. Before he could sit down to a scrumptious meal with all the Thanksgiving trimmings with... [Read More]
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