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The former top trial lawyer during the Obama administration unveiled an intriguing — and alarming — theory about President Donald Trump's latest attacks on the... [Read More]
Washington Post reporter Bob Costa warned that it's clear the White House thinks they can win in a war against chief justice John Roberts, separation... [Read More]
Academy Award-winning filmmaker Michael Moore laid out a bold strategy for Democrats to continue the record-breaking turnout seen during the 2018 midterm elections. Moore joined... [Read More]
On Wednesday, Harry Litman, a former United States attorney and deputy assistant attorney general wrote in The New York Times that President Donald Trump's attempt... [Read More]
With news that the Trump Organization will soon be under investigation by the new Democratic majority in the House of Representatives, a biographer who's researched... [Read More]
Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney will not be facing a challenge from Philadelphia Flyers beloved mascot Gritty in the 2019 mayoral race. In an interview with... [Read More]
On Wednesday, Late night host Seth Meyers mocked President Donald Trump's relationship with Fox News host Sean Hannity. Trump and Hannity have a close relationship... [Read More]
A failed white supremacist Senate candidate has been kicked off of Gab, the "free speech"-oriented social network used by alleged Pittsburgh shooter Robert Bowers, for... [Read More]
A failed white supremacist Senate candidate has been kicked off of Gab, the "free speech"-oriented social network used by alleged Pittsburgh shooter Robert Bowers, for... [Read More]
despite Mississippi's shameful …... [Read More]
On Wednesday, CNN commentator Carrie Cordero said that President Donald Trump will weaken the office of the presidency. Trump attacked Chief Justice John Roberts on... [Read More]
An analysis of tax records for the alleged "dark money" nonprofit that once employed now-Acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker reveals that all of its funding... [Read More]
Conspiracy theorist Laura Loomer has had her Twitter account suspended. Loomer, who once worked for James O'Keefe's Project Veritas, has lately described herself as an... [Read More]
On Wednesday, Elizabeth Spiers, chief executive of the Insurrection, a progressive digital messaging firm wrote in The Washington Post that Ivanka Trump treats her role... [Read More]
The social media advertising company Facebook dumped news at 5 p.m. eastern on the night before Thanksgiving. Facebook was responding to the controversy over their... [Read More]
The social media advertising company Facebook dumped news at 5 p.m. eastern on the night before Thanksgiving. Facebook was responding to the controversy over their... [Read More]
Gavin McInnes, the co-founder of Vice magazine who went on to create the Proud Boys, has resigned from the group he founded in the wake of... [Read More]
MSNBC's host of "Deadline: White House" with Nicolle Wallace mocked the ongoing fallout from President Donald Trump siding with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia over... [Read More]
The former chairman of the National Republican Committee on Wednesday poked fun at fellow GOP-ers for freaking out over Chief Justice John Roberts' rebuke of... [Read More]
U.S. Defense Secretary Jim Mattis said on Wednesday that he had been granted authority to allow troops on the Mexican border greater powers to help... [Read More]
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