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In the "Overtime" segment of HBO's Real Time, host Bill Maher and his panelists — including conservatives — took shots at President Donald Trump for... [Read More]
It is looking increasingly likely that the U.S. Supreme Court will not hear Trump administration appeals involving the "Dreamers" immigrants, transgender troops and gay rights... [Read More]
Singer Gladys Knight has defended her decision to perform the U.S. national anthem after receiving criticism from supporters of former quarterback Colin Kaepernick, who used... [Read More]
The Christian right's obsessive hatred of Darwin is a wonder to behold, but it could someday be rivaled by the hatred of someone you've probably... [Read More]
Ingraham claims Ocasio-Cortez has "the privilege of being a protected member of a class you can never criticize" [Read More]
Declaring President Donald Trump's term in office "our shabbiest but not our first shabby presidency," conservative and ex-Republican writer George Will tore into the commander-in-chief... [Read More]
Democrats have been freed from the shackles of prudence and are now openly talking about starting impeachment proceedings against President Donald Trump, despite the fact... [Read More]
A neighborhood in Denver, Colorado may change its name from "Swastika Acres," reports local TV station CBS4. The neighborhood name is more than a decade... [Read More]
A school banned a five-year-old black boy from playing on the playground because of his "extreme" haircut—which his mother said he had to help hide... [Read More]
On Friday, Washington Post columnist Dana Milbank called President Donald Trump the "laughingstock" of America. "President Trump is, if nothing else, a slapstick genius for... [Read More]
On Friday, Washington Post columnist Dana Milbank called President Donald Trump the "laughingstock" of America. "President Trump is, if nothing else, a slapstick genius for... [Read More]
President Donald Trump plans to offer Democrats in the House of Representatives a new deal in the shutdown standoff, not declare a national emergency in... [Read More]
On Friday, NFL running back Marshawn Lynch appeared on HBO's Real Time with Bill Maher. In a wide-ranging interview, "Beast Mode" and Maher talked about... [Read More]
Bill Maher returned to his HBO show, Real Time, on Friday after a two-month hiatus. The host's opening monologue covered a lot of ground, starting... [Read More]
On Friday, President Donald Trump broke his retweeting spree and tweeted about the bombshell news article that Buzzfeed reported. The article says that Trump directed... [Read More]
On Friday, special counsel Robert Mueller's office issued a statement saying that "characterization of documents and testimony" in Thursday's bombshell report from BuzzFeed about President... [Read More]
The government shutdown is headed into its fourth week, and millions of Americans are feeling the impact. Little progress has been made to reopen of... [Read More]
MSNBC's Rachel Maddow noted that although special counsel Robert Mueller's rare public statement denying BuzzFeed's reporting is shocking, it's not the first time his office... [Read More]
On Friday, special counsel Robert Mueller issued a cryptic statement saying that BuzzFeed's bombshell report about President Donald Trump directing his former personal attorney Michael... [Read More]
On Friday, Buzzfeed News issued a statement saying that they stand by their reporting that President Donald Trump directed his former lawyer, Michael Cohen, to... [Read More]
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