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The Foundation for Economic Education has a long expose of the history of civil asset forfeiture in this country and it points a finger directly... [Read More]
A GOLF club is at the centre of a row on the Isle of Lewis, a bastion of sabbatarianism where, until relatively recently, riding a... [Read More]
Donald Trump never loses anything. If he does lose, it can only be because someone cheated. That's why he continually claims that there were "millions"... [Read More]
Dave Hayes, the "praying medic" and self-declared "prophet," says that Barack Obama and John Kerry are working through the "deep state" to undermine Trump on... [Read More]
Last week, I celebrated my birthday. By celebrated, I mean I chose to fast for the day commemorating another year of life. Before continuing, let... [Read More]
The director of the Office of Special Counsel is set to testify before a Congressional committee about the report the agency recently released that documents... [Read More]
Arch-bigot Laura Ingraham is relentlessly pushing what is known as the Myth of the Diseased Immigrant, which has been used by bigots in this country... [Read More]
Finally, a hero for today's America. [Read More]
I might have, instead of doing the laundry or something, gone down the rabbit hole of this website, the one we mentioned in the podcast... [Read More]
  As Catholics, we take it for granted that the One, the Be All, End All, Beginning and End of every breath, the Alpha and... [Read More]
As the saying goes, the only things we can be certain about is death and taxes. In our current political season, the candidates love to... [Read More]
The Stillness of Empty Screens One of the contemplative practices with which I have struggled the most is the practice of writing. It was years... [Read More]
    My mind has obviously been on Pre-Columbian America for the past week and a half, so I thought that I would call attention... [Read More]
    We've just arrived at Puno (at nearly nine o'clock at night) after a long drive that began early in the morning in Cusco.... [Read More]
To this point it's primarily been mainline denominations like the United Methodist Church and Anabaptist groups like the Mennonite Church USA that have faced schism over... [Read More]
He writes: I just read your article "Taking apart the false theory of penal substitutionary atonement" Isn't this a direct contradiction of the teaching of... [Read More]
Do you consider yourself "spiritual but not religious"? Then, a daily spiritual practice should be part of your regular routine. Here are a few easy... [Read More]
THE  UK's General Medical Council (GMC) is reportedly investigating a GP who allegedly brought his Christian faith into consultations with patients. Dr Richard Scott, 58,... [Read More]
In the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus made it clear that we shouldn't worry about food, drink or clothing. That shouldn't come as a surprise... [Read More]
Choosing to be CEOs over Shepherds was the first mistake the Bishops madem in the Church sex abuse crisis. The second error was their abandonment... [Read More]
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