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Article: Trump Demands Apology For His Racist Tweets Against Congresswomen - Trump's tweet is naked racism against four Democratic women of color. Now facing a... [Read More]
Article: Trump and Racism: A Revisit - This column, with a short new introduction, is a revisit to a column on Trump and racism that... [Read More]
Article: Trump's racist Tweets against 4 Congresswomen draws wide condemnation - President Donald Trump's racist tweets against four congresswomen saying go back to their 'totally... [Read More]
Article: Trump Can't Get Enough of Terrorizing Immigrants - President Trump gave up his fight to ask people about their citizenship on the 2020 census.... [Read More]
Article: Trump Gives Up Citizenship Question But Doubles Down on Terrorizing Immigrants - The census is used to calculate how many seats each state will... [Read More]
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