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Article: The mind of the mass media: Email exchange between myself and a leading Washington Post foreign policy reporter: - Each day I spend about... [Read More]
Article: No Independence for EU and Other Countries without the U.S., Donald Trump Says - Derogatory remarks about the EU by President Trump before meeting... [Read More]
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Our Most Articulate Peace Advocate - For the last 15 years, David Swanson has made it his mission in life to put an end to... [Read More]
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Humans are hackable. Ask any conman. Our desire to think we have control over our lives often hides this from ourselves, but most of us... [Read More]
'This has to be wrong' - This spring, finally a general prediction was derived, true of all string theories. Dark energy must decrease as... [Read More]
The Noble Soul of Solomon Northup - I recently completed reading Twelve Years a Slave, the autobiography of a free Negro from New York who... [Read More]
'This has to be wrong' - This spring, finally a general prediction was derived, true of all string theories. Dark energy must decrease as... [Read More]
Article: Another White House Revelation - Do we have an open society dedicated to the democratic ideals of justice, honesty, and transparency of government, or... [Read More]
The Noble Soul of Solomon Northup - I recently completed reading Twelve Years a Slave, the autobiography of a free Negro from New York who... [Read More]
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part 2 and final of a series about long term care and the options people have as they age. Discusses the population from ages 65... [Read More]
QuickLink: Something Not Rotten in Denmark -  Is Denmark socialist?  The Cato Institute says no:it doesn't fit the classic definition of socialism -- government ownership of the... [Read More]
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Article: New Haven Overdoses: It's Time for Indictments - As law enforcement likes to tell us, getting a single dealer off the street does little... [Read More]
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