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If he's smart with his time and his millions, ingrate Colin Kaepernick will never have to work or worry about money again. Rather than express... [Read More]
Time magazine is already celebrating their Best of 2017, and their favorite "Non-Fiction" book of the year is....Hillary Clinton's campaign memoir What Happened. Time assistant... [Read More]
Does anyone in Hollywood put their foot in their mouth better than Lena Dunham? The creator of HBO's Girls has made apologizing her side hustle.... [Read More]
On Wednesday morning, NPR's Morning Edition suddenly revisited Juanita Broaddrick's story as something that wasn't exactly disproved. Morning host Steve Inskeep brought on longtime Hillary... [Read More]

As reported by Mediaite, CBS late-night host Stephen Colbert addressed sexual harassment charges against CBS morning news host Charlie Rose on Tuesday night. He called... [Read More]

Did you know that President Donald Trump has ruined Thanksgiving? That is the premise of Politico on Thanksgiving Day. Interestingly GQ magazine proposes that if... [Read More]
As previously stated previous, mainstream Hollywood has had quite a dry spell in putting out Christmas movies. Sure, you have the recent A Bad Moms... [Read More]
The "IRS scandal" is best understood as a significant work of fiction, suggested New York magazine's Jonathan Chait on Tuesday. As Chait tells it, conservatives'... [Read More]
Welcome to one of the holidays liberals hate the most -- Thanksgiving. When the alt-left isn't hating on Christopher Columbus, bashing Christmas, disrespecting veterans or... [Read More]
National Public Radio runs a blog dedicated to promoting minority experts, primarily Experts of Color (with a white female or two thrown in). It's called... [Read More]
The privileged and prestigious professional life of Charlie Rose came to a shocking end this week. In the latest lurid front-page testimony on powerful men,... [Read More]
In a Wednesday morning tweet, Matthew Dowd of ABC News, the network's chief political analyst, demonstrated once again that he can be counted on to... [Read More]
Brent Scher at the Washington Free Beacon reports that Washington Post political reporter Janell Ross participated without her newspaper's knowledge in a November 16 panel... [Read More]
In the last couple of mornings, FNC's Fox and Friends has not surprisingly been spending substantially more time than CNN's New Day show discussing the... [Read More]
To mark the anniversary of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy on Wednesday, MSNBC's radical Joy Reid put out a series of tweets fawning... [Read More]
Senator Rand Paul's family and friends have not been happy without how the media have characterized the unsolicited attack he faced from a neighbor earlier... [Read More]
In a report by Vanity Fair published Tuesday, writer Joe Pompeo wrote how "[The New York Times] is 'torn' about whether Glenn Thrush should lose... [Read More]

On Wednesday's Morning Joe, while discussing President Trump's remarks to reporters yesterday on the White House lawn, NBC News Capitol Hill correspondent Kasie Hunt decided... [Read More]


On Tuesday's Tucker Carlson Tonight, fill-in host Mark Steyn and The Hill's Joe Concha enjoyed themselves at the expense of the latest liberal media diatribes,... [Read More]


After Kellyanne Conway and President Trump blasted the very liberal Democrat candidate running for the Alabama Senate seat against Republican Roy Moore, the liberal media... [Read More]

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