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Buzzfeed reporter Jason Leopold along with Anthony Cormier broke the now increasingly discredited story that President Donald Trump directed Michael Cohen to lie to Congress... [Read More]
ABC's Good Morning America admitted Monday that the incident at the March for Life that went viral appearing to show Catholic teens in MAGA hats... [Read More]
Lady Gaga started off her new Las Vegas residency, dubbed "Enigma," with a political bang. The famous avant-garde singer, now A-list actress, took time out... [Read More]
Michelle Alexander, a new New York Times columnist, was given front page Sunday Review real estate for her 2,300-word screed offensively linking civil rights hero... [Read More]
Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand is facing a series of interviewers pressing her to account for being "too conservative" on immigration when she was in the House... [Read More]
During special coverage of President Trump's immigration speech on MSNBC Saturday, anchor Joy Reid interviewed former Republican Congressman Carlos Curbelo. The discussion focused on President... [Read More]
After a two month-long hiatus, Real Time With Bill Maher returned to the airwaves Friday. This episode was true to form when it comes to... [Read More]
Reading James Poniewozik's New York Times review of Brexit, airing on HBO and starring Sherlock's Benedict Cumberbatch as a consultant for the successful "Leave" movement,... [Read More]
In an outburst on Twitter on Saturday, NBC moderator Chuck Todd lashed out at "those trying to tar all media" with the dubious Buzzfeed story... [Read More]
On ABC's This Week, host Martha Raddatz began the program with Democrat presidential aspirant Kirsten Gillibrand, but never asked her a single question about the... [Read More]
Buzzfeed News got into hot water over the weekend, after the Special Counsel's Office issued a rare public rebuke regarding the outlet's claim President Trump... [Read More]
The continuing saga of Florida transgender teen, Jazz Jennings, takes us through the last steps approaching her "gender confirmation surgery" in the fifth season. In... [Read More]
On Friday, AP media reporter David Bauder reported on PolitiFact founder Bill Adair, now at Duke University, preparing technology for "real-time TV fact checks" during... [Read More]
On Saturday, people were outraged after video surfaced appearing to show Catholic students attending the March for Life harassing Native American Vietnam veteran Nathan Phillips... [Read More]
El pastor tejano Ramiro Peña ha sido uno de los más destacados partidarios evangélicos hispanos y asesores de Donald Trump desde la campaña presidencial de... [Read More]
On Saturday's Good Morning America, ABC anchors did something you don't often see in the dominant liberal media. They cheered on an armed citizen taking... [Read More]
Speaker Nancy Pelosi canceled Trump's State of the Union, and drew rave reviews from the press. None of them saw the n ext move coming:... [Read More]
Speaker Nancy Pelosi canceled Trump's State of the Union, and drew rave reviews from the press. None of them saw the n ext move coming:... [Read More]
Yesterday it was discovered that a fake news edition of the Washington Post had been printed and was being distributed around the city. But that... [Read More]
Despite what was a much delayed but important avalanche of headlines about the group's anti-Semitism, Saturday's Women's March still received nearly 15 times the broadcast... [Read More]
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