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Evidence mounts of a ghastly crime in the Saudi Consulate in Istanbul. President Trump still seems inclined to buy the kingdom's lame denials. [Read More]
The brothel owner, a Republican who compared himself to President Trump, was weeks away from a general election when he was found dead by Ron... [Read More]
An obscure provision in the tax code dating to the Teapot Dome scandal allows Congress to retrieve tax returns. But with President Trump, it almost... [Read More]
On Monday, a federal judge dismissed a defamation suit filed against President Trump by the pornographic film actress, whose real name is Stephanie Clifford. [Read More]
If you were an adviser to President Trump, would you advise him to prioritize U.S. business and military interests or human rights concerns with regard... [Read More]
Colbert focused on President Trump's pledge to give $1 million to a charity of Senator Elizabeth Warren's choosing if she could prove her Native American... [Read More]
Prime Minister Scott Morrison echoed many of the points President Trump gave for a similar decision. The announcement drew criticism as a political gambit to... [Read More]
Visiting storm-ravaged communities has become a ritual for President Trump. But in another interview, he again declines to acknowledge climate change. [Read More]
The Saudi king denied knowing anything about what happened to Jamal Khashoggi, said President Trump, who is sending his secretary of state to meet the... [Read More]
The Massachusetts Democrat, weighing a presidential run in 2020, is trying to rebut President Trump's mocking of her claims about her heritage... [Read More]
The TV commercials will not show prices, as President Trump has suggested, but will direct viewers to company websites with list prices. It is unclear... [Read More]
On "60 Minutes," President Trump backed off his claim that global warming is a hoax. But he also made several new assertions unsupported by science. [Read More]
President Trump has resisted pressure to postpone or cancel arms sales to Saudi Arabia despite reports that a Saudi journalist was killed and dismembered. [Read More]
Although President Trump often paints a rosy picture of his national support, his descriptions of mutual love with voters in parts of the South match... [Read More]
President Trump hosted Andrew Brunson, an American pastor freed by Turkey after two years in detention, but said "the timing is a strict coincidence." [Read More]
In an interview in rural Kentucky, former Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. tested themes for a possible 2020 campaign to unseat President Trump. [Read More]
Markets have shrugged off President Trump's calls for the Federal Reserve to stop raising interest rates, but experts warned that the attacks threaten the Fed's... [Read More]
And President Trump should lead the way in demanding them. [Read More]
Readers criticize President Trump's attack on "wacko" Democrats and lament that the hearings eroded faith in the Supreme Court. [Read More]
Despite the possible Saudi involvement in the disappearance of a journalist, American relations with Saudi Arabia are "excellent," President Trump said. [Read More]
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