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Wield a scalpel under expert direction, discover in a new book how beavers will transform our planet, and join a debate to choose what other... [Read More]
Mathematical models of conflict are seductive, but we shouldn't throw out the lessons of the past, warns David Betz... [Read More]
We are so glued to our phones that people can't seem to stop worrying that they give you cancer – but if they did, we... [Read More]
The EU has fined Google 4.3 billion euros for using its Android mobile operating system to "cement its dominant market position in internet search" [Read More]
Saturn's moon Titan is shrouded in a thick orange haze, but 13 years of data from the Cassini spacecraft have allowed us to peer through... [Read More]
Around 100 million years ago, this baby snake hatched on a tropical island in the Indian Ocean and then got stuck in resin oozing from... [Read More]
The deep sea is full of weird undiscovered creatures. A foldable robotic grabber captures them gently without causing damage... [Read More]
There is no doubt that our ancient cousins used fire but we've only just found clues that reveal how they lit these fires... [Read More]
The decision to label our current geological phase the Meghalayan rather than the Anthropocene is misguided, say Mark Maslin and Simon Lewis... [Read More]
Barnacle geese are accelerating their migration journeys and taking fewer rest stops along the way to cope with early Arctic springs caused by a warming... [Read More]
Tiny particles of glass have been trapped in a laser and spun at more than 1 billion times per second, the fastest rotation of any... [Read More]
A high-tech bandage can keep an eye on chronic wounds by detecting infections and releasing medication... [Read More]
Cirrhosis deaths were falling in the US until the financial crisis hit in 2008, but have sharply risen since then, especially among young people... [Read More]
We're wedded to fossil fuels, but no-one told the people of Leeuwarden-Friesland. Is this the most innovative community you've never heard of? [Read More]
The family of Ella Kissi-Debrah want an inquest to rule air pollution as the cause of her death, while other legal cases are challenging government... [Read More]
Political footage faked by AI is talked about as an imminent threat to US democracy. There are good reasons to think it's not a big... [Read More]
For the first time, researchers have got evidence that dreams help soothe the impact of emotional events in our lives, acting like overnight therapy... [Read More]
The outer solar system hosts a number of small bodies in mixed up orbits – and they may have been scattered there by a passing... [Read More]
It was thought that we're tricked by fake news because we like to believe stories that confirm our world view. But not thinking actually seems... [Read More]
A report by consumer group Which? has warned that many toy slime products break European Union limits on borax, but a few precautions should keep... [Read More]
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