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A small robot could travel through your gut and collect mucus in a vacuum bag to help make diagnosing stomach diseases safer and less painful... [Read More]
Michael Atiyah, a famed UK mathematician, claims that he has a "simple proof" of the Riemann hypothesis, a key unsolved question about the nature of prime numbers... [Read More]
Being told not to remember something makes you less likely to remember it in future – and now a study has found this can happen... [Read More]
Passing a gentle electric current through the abdomen encourages bowel movements in people with chronic constipation, a clinical trial has found... [Read More]
At Unseen Amsterdam, the striking images of a climate campaign are stirring visitors to action... [Read More]
The weird 'Ediacaran' fossils have stumped scientists for decades - now fat molecules found inside some of them confirm they are the most ancient animals... [Read More]
It may be possible to restore damaged parts of the Great Barrier Reef by electrically stimulating coral fragments grown on underwater metal frames... [Read More]
Humans but not animals learn that symbols like '2' and '4' represent numbers by recruiting a unique set of neurons to identify them... [Read More]
Octopuses respond to ecstasy in the same way as we do, suggesting the basis for social behaviour evolved more than 500 million years ago... [Read More]
NASA's recently launched exoplanet-hunting satellite has uncovered a new world twice the size of Earth orbiting a star 60 light years away... [Read More]
No one knows why dinosaurs never conquered the seas. But giant semi-aquatic predator Spinosaurus is revealing some teasing hints... [Read More]
NASA's recently launched exoplanet-hunting satellite has uncovered a new world twice the size of Earth orbiting a star 60 light years away... [Read More]
Supernovae are violent stellar explosions that pepper the cosmos. Studying them revealed the enigma of dark energy – a force that will determine the universe's... [Read More]
Follow all the action live from the world's biggest festival of ideas and discovery – New Scientist Live, at the ExCeL Centre in London from 20-23 September... [Read More]
Japan's Hayabusa 2 spacecraft has arrived at the asteroid Ryugu, and now it is dropping off two tiny landers that will hop around the surface... [Read More]
Today at New Scientist Live, astronaut Tim Peake joins explorers Nics Wetherill and Will Millard to hear their extraordinary stories of adventure and discovery. Watch it live here... [Read More]
As global warming melts the Arctic, all eyes are turning to the riches under the ice. But will polar bears survive the pollutants trickling into... [Read More]
Read the latest issues of New Scientist magazine for the best science news and analysis... [Read More]
Compiled by Richard Smyth... [Read More]
Netflix's delirious revisit of Norwegian TV hit Maniac, a screening of gun documentary Weapon Of Choice, and a podcast on Russian cyberbots fuelling disinformation... [Read More]
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