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Behind President Trump's Twitter theatrics, there's a growing theme to American diplomacy. [Read More]
The attorney general's take on the Mueller report goes through contortions to avoid charging the president with a crime. [Read More]
Members of the GOP have supported nativist autocrats since long before Trump. [Read More]
The idea that liberal democracies shielded science from politics was always flawed. [Read More]
Robert Mueller couldn't prove Trump colluded with Russia or obstructed justice, but future generations of Americans will be less forgiving. [Read More]
The tweet will help Israel's prime minister—currently facing indictments—to reelection and in all probability lead to violence in the West Bank. [Read More]
An increasing number of states allow college students to arm themselves. The dire consequences are on the rise, too. [Read More]
The case against American military supremacy... [Read More]
An unorthodox strategy to mask his flaws will only end up emphasizing them. [Read More]
What are they afraid of? A truly representative democracy. [Read More]
With New York City facing one crisis after another, the mayor is testing the waters for a White House run. Who is he kidding? [Read More]
His sophomore effort, featuring a rampaging gang of doppelgängers, radically expands the themes of his film debut "Get Out." [Read More]
The Brazilian president has hitched his wagon to the tweeter-in-chief's flickering star—and Trump has lent American legitimacy to an aspiring dictator. [Read More]
A blast from a now-unimaginable past... [Read More]
The banal, evil, all-destructive reign of Mitch McConnell... [Read More]
The EPA chief's latest argument against fighting climate change is astonishingly foolish—but it's exactly what most of us want to hear. [Read More]
A multiple-choice quiz on some of the great issues of our time... [Read More]
Two developers dreamed of building the biggest ferris wheel in the world. The project had Michael Bloomberg's blessing, while a Wall Street whiz named Big... [Read More]
The movement has struggled to make an impact in a deeply patriarchal country. But a new generation of feminists is also shaking up the status... [Read More]
How the mysteries of modernism brought Hugh Kenner and Guy Davenport together... [Read More]
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