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Searching for "Raspberry Pi"
tktkttktktk... [Read More]
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Building a theremin with a Raspberry Pi using an ultrasonic distance sensor... [Read More]
May the Fourth be with you – check out some of our favorite Star Wars-themed Pi projects. [Read More]
In the last installment of Killer Raspberry Pi Projects, the focus was on projects that produced a final device or system. In this installment, I'm... [Read More]
Magic wands, voices from nowhere and – unsurprisingly – a teeny little computer in this week's Pi roundup. [Read More]
A Raspberry Pi-based personal cloud, automatic license plate recognition, and running x86 code on ARM... [Read More]
Since we've just had a Raspberry Pi anniversary, you might think that it's excessive to trumpet another Pi-related holiday just one week later, but, well,... [Read More]
The Raspberry Pi celebrates its 5th birthday, and someone has figured out how to run Win98 on Pi of all things. [Read More]
Low-cost, low-effort enterprise IoT is within reach, thanks to powerful tools tuned for the Raspberry Pi... [Read More]
School kids, makers, scientists, engineers, you name it, are building the most amazing digital machines and in this first round up I've collected some of... [Read More]
The Raspberry Pi Foundation just released the latest member of the RPi family: The Raspberry Pi Zero W, which adds 802.11n Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.0... [Read More]
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