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During the past few years, the Internet of Things (IoT) has become one of the hottest movements of our time. Although many technology trends and... [Read More]
ranging from connected light bulbs, smart gas meters and smart speakers, to IP monitoring cameras, smart watches, drones, and robots. And while the connectivity and... [Read More]
As the SD-WAN market has matured, one thing has become very clear: SD-WAN will not exist on its own. The technology is merging with other... [Read More]
Cloudbleed, WannaCry, ransomware, hackers. Each and every day, it seems, the tech community wakes up to news of another attack on data security and privacy.... [Read More]
The meteoric rise of cybercrime has caught many organizations unawares. Malware has spread from PCs to smartphones, phishing scams have grown more sophisticated, and ransomware... [Read More]
The WannaCry outbreak has been troubling in many regards – exposing flaws, and opening doors to much finger-pointing and blaming that have gone well beyond... [Read More]
With information security being a major concern at all companies, successful security executives need to be equally comfortable in the boardroom and the server room.... [Read More]
Imagine you wake up one morning, assuming everything is as you left it the night before. But overnight, attackers with a quantum computer capable of... [Read More]
We often say, "HTTPS is secure," or "HTTP is not secure." But what we mean is that "HTTPS is hard to snoop and makes man-in-the-middle... [Read More]
The reports came swiftly on Friday morning, May 12—the first I saw were that dozens of hospitals in England were affected by ransomware, denying physicians... [Read More]
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