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With information security being a major concern at all companies, successful security executives need to be equally comfortable in the boardroom and the server room.... [Read More]
Imagine you wake up one morning, assuming everything is as you left it the night before. But overnight, attackers with a quantum computer capable of... [Read More]
We often say, "HTTPS is secure," or "HTTP is not secure." But what we mean is that "HTTPS is hard to snoop and makes man-in-the-middle... [Read More]
The reports came swiftly on Friday morning, May 12—the first I saw were that dozens of hospitals in England were affected by ransomware, denying physicians... [Read More]
Flaws in passwords can be eliminated with artificial intelligence (AI), say researchers. This includes identifying common words that hackers know, too.  The mending is accomplished... [Read More]
The Internet of Things (IoT) is an incredibly diverse space, encompassing a large variety of hardware form factors and software ecosystems unlike anything we have... [Read More]
It's really hard to come up with good startup names, especially names for which the URL is still available, so it is interesting to see... [Read More]
Criminals are increasingly offered crime as a service (CaaS) and are using sharing-economy ride-sharing and accommodation services, too, a major law enforcement agency says. Europol,... [Read More]
Three of my four children are of school-going age. When they arrive home in the afternoon, the youngest usually makes a dash for the games... [Read More]
Today, not only do we see a significant increase in the number of cyber attacks, but by design the incidents are also more fearless and... [Read More]
With RSA San Francisco—one of, if not the biggest security show of the year—behind us, it's a good time to revisit security and SD-WANs. I... [Read More]
A security analytics approach that exploits the unique strengths of Bayesian networks, machine learning and rules-based systems—while also compensating for or eliminating their individual weaknesses—leads... [Read More]
One of my main roles is improving the security of the software produced by my employer, and it was in that role that I attended... [Read More]
The responsibilities of information security are rapidly changing as enterprises digitize. Technology now enables business strategy and is transforming product, channels, and operations. In this... [Read More]
Internet of Things (IoT) devices are soon expected to outnumber end-user devices by as much as four to one. These applications can be found everywhere—from... [Read More]
The debate on public versus private cloud is a fierce one with advocates on both sides. Security experts, however, consistently fall in the pro-private camp.... [Read More]
Banks all around the world are re-imagining their businesses to put customer demands front and center. They are undergoing massive digital transformation processes to do... [Read More]
No matter the height or thickness of any wall you might try to build, the unfortunate reality is someone will most likely be able to... [Read More]
Power grids were bombed in World War II to cripple industrial output. Today, attacks against Internet of Things (IoT) infrastructure causes even broader disruptions—without bombs.The... [Read More]
Digital technologies have changed the face of business and government, and they will continue to do so at an even faster pace. They drive innovation,... [Read More]
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