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Ninety percent of Americans tell pollsters they believe online privacy protections are important, but far fewer act upon that belief when they go to the... [Read More]
Personalization in the digital age starts with a mind shift: It's not about what people choose and buy—it's about why they do it. [Read More]
Extreme Networks continues industry consolidation with acquisition of Brocade's data center networking business. [Read More]
Microsoft's Windows 10 Creators Update is missing key features promised when it was unveiled, including Windows Capture 3D, mixed-reality devices, Xbox Arenas, and more. [Read More]
PodPi makes problem solving with electronics, code, and cartoons exciting. School wasn't this cool in my day. [Read More]
Brocade continues to bring new features to Fibre Channel, helping companies as they move toward high-performance, all-flash data centers. [Read More]
I practically kick myself every time our Verizon FiOS cable bill arrives because I still haven't acted on my intention to cut the cord in... [Read More]
Increasing the share of women leaders can create competitive advantage for IT teams. [Read More]
Donald Trump has been busy tweeting from a new iPhone even though he once called for an Apple boycott... [Read More]
NCAA basketball coaches and data center managers play a similar role to ensure their teams (or infrastructures) are ready to perform when it matters most. [Read More]
IBM says cybercriminals are starting to grab unstructured data, spam has rebloomed 400% and ransomware has just gone nuts... [Read More]
Carbonite & Spiceworks survey finds IT pros not bowing to ransomware, but wishing they had more time for technology modernization... [Read More]
Cyber thugs were trying to extort money from iOS users with fake ransomware attacks which would lock up mobile Safari until the victim paid the... [Read More]
When determining the best SD-WAN solution, there are some basic things you should test, such as scalability, failover, application performance and usability. [Read More]
Last week, Amazon successfully tested a drone delivery in the U.S. for the first time. But drones still won't be delivering stuff to your house... [Read More]
Peter Lee, Microsoft's research vice president, answers hard questions about AI and machine learning. [Read More]
The Internet of Things (IoT) is an incredibly diverse space, encompassing a large variety of hardware form factors and software ecosystems unlike anything we have... [Read More]
There's a shortage of developers skilled in digital technologies. The Cloud Foundry Foundation plans to change that with its Certified Developer program. [Read More]
Contrary to popular beliefs, remote workers are more empathetic, desire human connection and pick up the phone more than their in-office counterparts. [Read More]
Multimode radios, software flexibility and hardware-based security allow IoT devices to work in concert in the home. [Read More]
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