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Ms. Klobuchar made her first campaign stop in Wisconsin, a state Hillary Clinton did not visit during the general election campaign in 2016 and lost... [Read More]
wrote: So, apparently Breitbart and Mahr were wrong AGAIN.... The arrest was not over the top as evidence seized that could have been destroyed was... [Read More]
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Trump's vanity wall is starting to cause real pain for the Republican party. Pelosi is circulating a spreadsheet with over 120 projects in both... [Read More]
A narcotics officer said he saw an informant buy heroin. That was a lie, the police chief says. [Read More]
I'm gonna sleep in the dark and smile in the sunshine. Life is good. Too bad Papadopolous, Gates, Flynn, Cohen and Manafort and the rest... [Read More]
If the company wanted to be welcomed as a job-creating hero, it could have picked any other US city. [Read More]
His "crisis" is that Congress has refused to fund a campaign fantasy. [Read More]
Lee Radziwill opened up to Vanity Fair about life in the shadow of her sister... [Read More]
The day he is inaugurated, President Trump submits paperwork to the Federal Election Commission to be eligible to run for re-election in 2020. [Read More]
wrote: I don't think the word or its meaning matters to them, kind of like the word "criminal" or it's meaning if you know what... [Read More]
good for them!!!! [Read More]
Appearing on MSNBC on Saturday afternoon, a Republican consultant who worked with conservative Evan McMullin on his insurgent presidential campaign against Donald Trump, stumbled when... [Read More]
Appearing on MSNBC on Saturday afternoon, a Republican consultant who worked with conservative Evan McMullin on his insurgent presidential campaign against Donald Trump, stumbled when... [Read More]
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