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Access to pornography is easier now than ever before. For many people, it's their first experience with sex. How is the fantasy of pornography affecting... [Read More]
Ohio's growing female prison population can be tied to drugs and addiction. Officials want to stop the cycle. One program helps women get at the... [Read More]
The Alabama civil rights foot soldier, who marched for voting rights and endured an attack on Selma's Edmund Pettus bridge, has died at age 89.... [Read More]
NPR's Michel Martin speaks with Democratic strategist Jess McIntosh, Christian Science Monitor reporter Christa Case Bryant, and journalist Christine Rosen. [Read More]
NPR's Michel Martin speaks with Kevin Lowry, former Chief U.S. Probation Officer, about a program he's involved with to deradicalize convicted terrorists. [Read More]
Elections to the European parliament are usually a ho-hum affair, but this year they're seen as a referendum on the EU itself. And in France... [Read More]
After two master's degrees and three children, Hilary Gordon is one of the women who now make up more than half of the contractors at... [Read More]
NPR's Michel Martin speaks with singer Mavis Staples about her latest album We Get By. [Read More]
Roll on, no more. After a three-decade run, a veteran advocacy group will hold its last motorcycle demonstration ride – called "Rolling Thunder" –... [Read More]
Our panelists read three stories about someone being kept up by a surprising reason, only one of which is true. [Read More]
Kate Mulgrew plays an inmate named Red on Orange Is the New Black and was a former Starfleet Captain on Star Trek. She's recently written... [Read More]
a reissue of 1971's Yellow Yellow and a compilation of Stamaty's MacDoodle Street newspaper strips - highlight the artist's joyful ability to imagine the world... [Read More]
Researchers found that people who did not have a strong life purpose were more likely to die than those who did, and specifically more likely... [Read More]
In some remote border towns in Texas along the Rio Grande, U.S. citizens cross back and forth for medical care in Mexico. It's a technically... [Read More]
"I believe this is the first time since the beginning of European integration that this European Union could actually break apart," center-left Dutch politician Frans... [Read More]
Latino joblessness has dipped to historic lows. But many economists are taking those numbers with caution: There's still a gaping wage difference with white workers. [Read More]
Somehow, at the beginning of time, there was an imbalance of matter and antimatter. That's how all the stuff in the universe came about. Scientists... [Read More]
NPR's Scott Simon asks Sen. Ron Wyden, D-Ore., about the power given to the attorney general to declassify intelligence related to investigations into Russian interference... [Read More]
Legislation to provide disaster relief is hung up in the House. State legislatures are restricting abortion rights. And the Supreme Court blocked new congressional maps... [Read More]
Laura Barnett wrote a novel about an aging singer-songwriter sizing up her life in 16 tracks. Then she approached musician Kathryn Williams, who created the... [Read More]
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