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Weeks after a deadlocked and disputed presidential election, a special court declared incumbent Juan Orlando Hernandez the winner by a razor-thin margin. In a... [Read More]
The announcement came just hours after the NFL announced an investigation of allegations of workplace misconduct, which reportedly includes complaints of inappropriate comments to female... [Read More]
When Alexa Von Tobel was just 14, her father passed away unexpectedly, briefly throwing her family into financial instability. The tragedy made her determined to... [Read More]
People traveling through Atlanta's Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport struggled to get home Sunday after a power outage there forced hundreds of flight cancellations. The... [Read More]
Chicago jazz piano legend Willie Pickens died this past week at age 86. Fellow musicians remember him as a talented musician and mentor to generations... [Read More]
What were the memorable moments in television this year? NPR's TV Critic Eric Deggans runs through his list with guest host Ray Suarez. [Read More]
One of President Trump's judicial nominees struggled to answer basic questions about the law during a hearing this past week. Guest host Ray Suarez talks... [Read More]
The Republican tax bill includes a provision that would open up the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to oil exploration and drilling. It's a blow to... [Read More]
The Thomas Fire in Southern California is on it's way to being the largest in the state's history. Fourteen days in, the flames continue to... [Read More]
Former director of the Congressional Budget Office Douglas Holtz-Eakin tells guest host Ray Suarez why he thinks the Republican tax bill will move the economy... [Read More]
President Trump could see his first major legislative victory this week if Congress succeeds in passing the GOP tax overhaul bill. NPR guest host Ray... [Read More]
Historian Elaine Tyler May says that since the Cold War, fear has crept into American life. Her new book, Fortress America, examines key events that... [Read More]
Climate change isn't new. Scientists are studying an ancient civilization in the Arctic to figure out how they survived climate change. The clues are buried... [Read More]
The original Casablanca was passionately anti-Nazi. But when it was dubbed for German audiences, Warner Bros. deleted all scenes with Nazis in them, and almost... [Read More]
Opponents of special counsel Robert Mueller ramped up their attacks over the weekend with a new claim that he improperly collected thousands of emails from... [Read More]
Police have launched an investigation after a woman working at the British Embassy was found strangled on a roadside outside the capitol city of Beirut... [Read More]
"In my 40 years of law enforcement I've never seen anything quite like it," said the Goochland County Sheriff. "I hope I never see anything... [Read More]
The astronauts from the U.S., Russia and Japan blasted off early Sunday and are scheduled to arrive on Tuesday. [Read More]
We've heard from teachers nationwide about our investigation into Ballou High School. They say they see the same where they are: chronic absenteeism and pressure... [Read More]
The Hallmark Channel has turned made-for-TV Christmas movies into big business. We look at how the cable network turned Christmas into ratings gold, even amid... [Read More]
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