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Watchdog groups have vow to make sure Bible classes in Kentucky public schools don't go from teaching to preaching. [Read More]
Senate Republicans are regrouping on health care legislation, here's what you need to know about what comes next. [Read More]
DHS has put off plans to impose further bans on laptop computers and other electronic devices in airline carry-on baggage for flights to the U.S.... [Read More]
Protesters gather in Capitol Hill to express their opposition to the Health Care bill being put forward by Republicans. [Read More]
Puerto Rico Gov. Ricardo Rosselló explains why he is pursuing statehood while the U.S. territory is in the throes of a financial crisis. [Read More]
Senate Republicans are regrouping on health care legislation, here's what you need to know about what comes next. [Read More]
President Donald Trump interrupted his phone call with the prime minister of Ireland to beckon over a reporter and compliment her "nice smile." [Read More]
He thanked the "beautiful" Irish press for being there during a phone call with the new Irish prime minister. [Read More]
Detroit's Chaldean Christian community supported Trump based on his pledge to protect Christians. Now members of the group are facing deportation. [Read More]
"Asian Americans should fight to end racial discrimination to benefit all American — but ending affirmative action will only work against us." [Read More]
Detroit's Chaldean Christian community supported Trump based on his pledge to protect Christians. Now members of the group are facing deportation. [Read More]
A firm owned by ex-Trump campaign chair Paul Manafort disclosed more than $17 million in payments for its work in Ukraine. [Read More]
We put a lot of trust in the websites we visit, especially those from the government and banks. This trust is often misplaced, according to... [Read More]
Little Rock police arrested 32-year-old Michael Reed Tuesday for allegedly ramming his car into the monument. [Read More]
Don't burn a hole in your pocket this summer. Instead, follow these tricks to keep your bank account from drying up. [Read More]
President Trump discusses Tuesday's "tremendous" meeting with Republican Senators on the health care bill, but also acknowledges the difficulty in reaching a universal solution since... [Read More]
During a congratulatory phone call with the Irish Prime Minister, President Trump called over an Irish reporter and told the leader that "she has a... [Read More]
Floyd Galloway Jr. was taken into custody Tuesday for the attempted sexual assault of a jogger. [Read More]
While people of color may connect through commonalities of our minority status, our experiences are not always the same. [Read More]
The Bogotá-based band 250 Milligrams, which is comprised of nearly all transgender men, is using music as a vehicle for LGBTQ advocacy and visibility. [Read More]
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