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A once shadowy mission in the Sahel region of western and north-central Africa has been illuminated since the attack that killed four U.S. soldiers in... [Read More]
Organizers say it's the first wrestling meet aboard the carrier-turned-museum, which hosted a college basketball game in 2012. [Read More]
For the first time since 2011, the number of U.S. troops killed in overseas operations has exceeded the previous year's total. [Read More]
Two lieutenants drew a penis in the skies over Washington State in their EA-18G Growler this week. [Read More]
Capt. Jake Frederick ejected during a nightime exercise above the Pacific Ocean. [Read More]
A new Defense Department report says there were 6,153 reports of alleged sexual assault in fiscal 2016. [Read More]
John. M. Dowd has represented President Trump since June. [Read More]
Here are some awesome military photos! [Read More]
American troops were told to ignore the rape and abuse of children by Afghan security forces they were partnered with, according to a report released... [Read More]
Senate Armed Services Committee Chairman John McCain and his House counterpart, Rep. Mac Thornberry, are demanding Congressional budget negotiators support the $700 billion topline of... [Read More]
The liberation comes as ISIS forces have crumbled since losing Mosul in mid-July, but despite the fall of the town of Rawa now, the terror... [Read More]
The survey also continued the trend of fewer respondents willing to recommend military service to their children. [Read More]
The Defense Department accidentally retweeted a Twitter post calling for President Trump to resign from office. [Read More]
Most of the additional 3,500 troops that the Trump administration planned to deploy are now in Afghanistan. [Read More]
The senator from Minnesota is accused of forcibly kissing a Los Angeles radio anchor during a 2006 USO tour and of posing for a photo... [Read More]
The Army has rescinded a memo that set off a firestorm of objections after USA Today reported on Saturday that the service would begin considering... [Read More]
Multiple media outlets are reporting that two Navy SEALs being investigated in the homicide of an Army Green Beret in Mali wanted to get back... [Read More]
Here are some recent awesome military photos! [Read More]
The 22-year-old soldier was denied bond on the homicide charge, according to reports. [Read More]
Turkeys, beef, eggnog, pies and more in store for deployed troops... [Read More]
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