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He served as chief justice, attorney-general, chief-IDF lawyer... [Read More]
An estimated 85 athletes will be competing in 18 sports on behalf of the Jewish state. [Read More]
A Turkish soldier, who was injured in a terrorist attack on Oct. 11 in northern Syria, succumbed to his injuries on Oct. 21. [Read More]
DOHUK: US troops crossed into Iraq early on Monday, part of a withdrawal from northeast Syria ordered by President Donald Trump that opened the way... [Read More]
President Reuven Rivlin said he would give Netanyahu's main rival Benny Gantz, the former army chief, the mandate to try to become the PM after... [Read More]
A couple of weeks after Turkey launched Operation Olive Branch in Syria in 2018, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan called U.S. President Donald Trump. He... [Read More]
Even as American forces make a hasty and chaotic withdrawal from northeastern Syria, the U.S. is considering leaving some troops behind to secure oil field... [Read More]
US President Donald Trump says some American troops will stay on in Syria despite his call for them to be pulled out. He said a... [Read More]
Pullout from Ras al-Ain comes as US troops leave their largest base in north of country; Trump tweets ceasefire 'holding up very nicely'... [Read More]
Invoking past persecution of Jews, member of Syrian Democratic Forces expresses confidence the Jewish people will not neglect Syrian Kurds' plight... [Read More]
Crazy. Head spinning. Chaotic. Hard to track. [Read More]
Navy intel veteran Malcolm Nance blasts Trump's policy to pull U.S. forces from Northern Syria saying it will lead to the Islamic State strengthening once... [Read More]
The past few weeks, the world has been rocked by the Trump administration's announcement that it's pulling American troops out of Northern Syria. As a... [Read More]
Kurds protested as U.S. troops pulled out of Northern Syria moving into Iraq as critics of Trump's policy warn disaster could follow. [Read More]
Amir Yaron receives biennial Stephen A. Ross Prize prize for research on calculating long-term asset pricing... [Read More]
Dozens of vehicles rolled out of a besieged Syrian border town, evacuating Kurdish fighters and civilians and opening the way for Turkish-backed forces to take... [Read More]
While President Donald Trump insists he's bringing home Americans from "endless wars" in the Mideast, his Pentagon chief says all U.S. troops leaving Syria will... [Read More]
U.S. Defense Secretary Mark Esper arrived Sunday in Afghanistan, where stalled peace talks with the Taliban and persistent violent attacks by the insurgent group and... [Read More]
Secretary of State Michael Pompeo led the defenders of President Donald Trump's handling of Turkey's incursion into Syria, saying Sunday that a cease-fire is holding... [Read More]
'Americans are escaping like rats,' men shouted at the passing tanks. 'Shame on you,' another could be heard saying. [Read More]
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