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Israel has shot down what it claims was an Iranian-supplied Hezbollah reconnaissance drone over the Syrian border only hours before a speech at the U.N.... [Read More]

Overall, my life growing up in Saudi Arabia has been, at its core, like any other teenager's. [Read More]
The Israeli military says it has shot down a drone that attempted to enter the airspace above the Golan Heights. Tuesday's army statement did not... [Read More]
The Patriot anti-ballistic missile intercepted the unmanned aerial vehicle before it penetrated Israeli skies. [Read More]
A political expert says Britain and the United States are selling weapons to Saudi Arabia to kill Yemenis. [Read More]
Stephen Lendman says the United States does not want peace in Syria, but regime change. [Read More]
Israel's military fired a Patriot missile on Tuesday to bring down what it said was an Iranian-made drone operated by Hezbollah. [Read More]
Judges say lengthy prison term intended to send message that even young offenders will face harsh punishment... [Read More]
The firing of thousands of asylum seekers who are doing jobs that Israelis don't want won't serve anyone's interests... [Read More]
The United States will not 'allow' Syria to become another Lebanon state department official says... [Read More]
The Israeli military said it shot down an Iranian-made spy drone operated by the Hezbollah militant group as it approached the Golan Heights on Tuesday,... [Read More]
The Patriot anti-ballistic missile intercepted the unmanned aerial vehicle before it penetrated Israeli skies. [Read More]
"The prime minister has shown a lack of leadership regarding the Western Wall, and political weakness, and in order to hide this he is choosing... [Read More]
Saudi Arabia has raised $1.87 billion in a new Islamic bond issue as the kingdom bids to finance a budget deficit resulting from low oil... [Read More]
Israel's military fired a Patriot missile on Tuesday to bring down what it said was an Iranian-made drone operated by Hezbollah on a reconnaissance mission... [Read More]
The U.S. military acknowledged it has closed an outpost in southern Syria in recent days amid reports that American forces and their contingent of Syrian... [Read More]
Military fires Patriot missile after drone enters Israel-Syria DMZ, military says. Reports of Israeli strike near Syria-Lebanon border... [Read More]
Over the past year, Iran has signed several business deals in various sectors of the Syrian economy, including telecommunications, energy, agriculture, and mining. An opinion... [Read More]
Insurgent groups launched a big attack on government-held areas in northwestern Syria on Tuesday, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights and a media outlet run... [Read More]
Israel's military intercepted a drone over the Golan Heights on Tuesday, the army said, with local media reporting it used a Patriot missile to shoot... [Read More]
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