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U.S. and coalition military forces continued to attack Islamic State of Iraq and Syria terrorists, Combined Joint Task Force Operation Inherent Resolve officials reported.,... [Read More]
Doha's refusal to stand clearly with GCC allies on key policies such as confronting Iran and countering terrorism and extremism could now undermine the bloc's... [Read More]
PARIS ——French President Emmanuel Macron called for improved relations with... [Read More]
NPR's Robert Siegel interviews Charles Sennott, author of The Body and the Blood: The Middle East's Vanishing Christians and the Possibility for Peace, and the... [Read More]
Qatar said the deportation took place on May 24 and was based on legal procedures and regional agreements. [Read More]
Meeting Putin in Paris, Macron also said France and Russia should cooperate to 'eradicate terrorist groups' in Syria... [Read More]
Flight crew discovered a possible oxygen issue aboard the leased plane that was carrying approximately 100 Israeli passengers from Tel Aviv to Warsaw, Poland... [Read More]
The quixotic American pursuit of Middle East peace is a perennial. It invariably fails, yet every administration feels compelled to give it a try. The... [Read More]
Shas leader Arye Deri faces serious allegations of corruption, and it doesn't seem like he can make it through this new slew of accusations. [Read More]
Witnesses said one of Monday's strikes hit the western entrance of Derna, while two more pounded the south of the town. Egypt said it had... [Read More]
Macron offers Putin better ties but warns on sanctions, Syria... [Read More]
'The Six-Day War is what clinched the deal for me': Five Jewish immigrants from English-speaking countries look back on 50 years, in hope, satisfaction and... [Read More]
Some 140,000 Palestinians live in these neighborhoods, where sanitation levels are extremely poor... [Read More]
Lieutenant General Thomas Trask, Vice Admiral Mark Fox (Ret.), and AEI Resident Fellow Matthew McInnis discuss Iran's growing power and influence in the…... [Read More]
Statement follows PM's controversial snubbing of Germany's foreign minister over meeting with left-wing groups B'Tselem and Breaking the Silence... [Read More]
French president tells the Russian leader that use of chemical weapons in the conflict would lead to immediate response, while urging cooperation over Isis... [Read More]
"It is just undoable," he said. [Read More]
Day war begets 50 years of conflict for Israel ... [Read More]
Iran's president mocks Trump's visit to Saudi Arabia as 'just a show' ... [Read More]
France's newly elected president said that the use of chemical weapons in Syria was a "red line," and that the punishment of gay men in... [Read More]
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