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The NRA isn't going along with Trump's calls for gun control measures. [Read More]
Trump claims the memo "really verifies" Nunes' initial memo about Trump associate Carter Page. [Read More]
Billions have been poured into infrastructure and rebranding Pyeongchang. We spoke to locals about whether they think visitors will travel here after the Olympics. [Read More]
Mueller keeps right on rolling as Democrats release their response to the disputed Nunes memo. [Read More]
The Schiff memo outlines the "distortions and misrepresentations" of the Republican report. [Read More]
The military parade appears to be a go. [Read More]
"I'm tired of seeing people die." [Read More]
"I don't want to be controversial so I won't use his name." [Read More]
The student-led push for gun reform is turning up the heat on corporations to distance themselves from the powerful gun lobby. [Read More]
Though Congress has been historically inactive after mass shootings, there are some signs of bipartisan agreement on gun control in the wake of the Parkland... [Read More]
A CNN contributor promotes a George Soros conspiracy theory on-air, major social media platforms allow Parkland conspiracy theories to float and CNN had a "scripted... [Read More]
The deal could put "unbearable" pressure on Manafort, who has so far maintained his innocence. [Read More]
Mic chatted with Robinson ahead of the show's finale to talk about her comedic rise, explaining blackness to her audiences and big moments with Tituss... [Read More]
The five-count indictment comes as Gates cooperates with Mueller — and brings new allegations of illegal lobbying on behalf of a pro-Russian Ukrainian political party. [Read More]
Sorry, sorry. [Read More]
She paid one visit to a hospital in Florida. [Read More]
Income tax bracket tables, 2018 calculators, and details on credits, returns and refunds making your head spin? Breathe. These 3 simple moves lower your 2017... [Read More]
Trump undermined the ACA again, the State Department removed language on women's rights and discrimination from a report and Trump's immigration office decided we're no... [Read More]
The youngest female snowboarder to win Olympic gold has another record to add to her growing list. [Read More]
No matter what the far-right says. [Read More]
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