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After a nearly unparalleled run of success, Shea CouleÃ... [Read More]
Find out what changed in the patch notes for 'Injustice 2' update 1.03. [Read More]
Blizzard has heard your complaints about those pricey Anniversary items. [Read More]
After a nearly unparalleled run of success, Shea CouleÃ... [Read More]
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Is Blizzard working on a 'Warcraft'-related mobile title? [Read More]
Find out what changed in the patch notes for 'Injustice 2' update 1.03. [Read More]
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Pro: lots of Baby Groot; Con: not nearly enough Kamala Khan. [Read More]
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The announcement comes on the heel of a Trump statement marking the holy month by referencing terrorism. [Read More]
Pro: lots of Baby Groot; Con: not nearly enough Kamala Khan. [Read More]
'Far Cry 5' is taking on a subject you don't usually see in video games. [Read More]
The Facebook founder's advice sounds good on its surface, but isn't actually helpful for many people. [Read More]
Florida is the 13th state to slash taxes on menstrual products. [Read More]
Blizzard has heard your complaints about those pricey Anniversary items. [Read More]
Trump still has less than 40% approval, according to a Gallup poll. [Read More]
A previously undetected massive wave of ice and water moved pushed through a glacier in 2012. [Read More]
Melania Trump showed off 16 outfits this week. That's a record. [Read More]
A 'Super Mega Baseball 2' release date is taking shape. [Read More]
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