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What to expect from Not the White House Correspondents' Dinner... [Read More]
The beleaguered magazine company will continue to pursue its strategic plan... [Read More]
Dr. Steve Holen, director of research at the Center for American Paleolithic Research, and Adam Thomas, an undergraduate student of Steve's, experimenting on how bones... [Read More]
Shine has been accused by multiple women of covering up the alleged sexual harassment of his former boss, Roger Ailes. [Read More]
The U.S. Justice Department's investigation of Fox News has widened to include a second law enforcement agency, and some former Fox staffers have been interviewed. [Read More]
In the post-Roger Ailes, post-Bill O'Reilly era, Fox News co-president Bill Shine is the network's most valuable player. [Read More]
Alex Jones is taking aim at Ivanka Trump after she made public comments suggesting an openness to the U.S. accepting Syrian refugees.Jones wrote Thursday that... [Read More]
Conservative commentator Ann Coulter says threats of violence won't stop her from speaking at the University of California at Berkeley on Thursday. [Read More]
A newly developed unmanned robot capable of hunting and catching invasive lionfish is being tested in Bermuda where celebrity chefs have gathered for a cooking... [Read More]
ESPN is laying off about 100 employees, including former athletes-turned-broadcasters Trent Dilfer, Len Elmore and Danny Kanell, in a purge designed to focus the sports... [Read More]
The bedrock of America's economy is shrinking, but the reasons for fewer people having middle income might surprise you... [Read More]
Chobani, a yogurt company, is suing Alex Jones, the aggressive conspiracy theorist with a radio show and a large YouTube following, over his claims that... [Read More]
Best TV shows, worst TV shows, media issues and debates ... it's all here at the Feed, a blog on TV, media and modern life... [Read More]
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The Supreme Court has denied a request by judicial reform group Fix the Court to release same-day audio of April 19 oral argument in Trinity Lutheran... [Read More]
UC Berkeley mechanical engineers have shown why your shoelaces keep coming untied. High-speed video footage courtesy Prof. Oliver M. O'Reilly, UC Berkeley Dept of Mechanical... [Read More]
The Daily Mail has apologized to Melania Trump and agreed to pay damages to settle a lawsuit filed by the first lady after the publisher... [Read More]
The Supreme Court does not need television cameras trying to sensationalize proceedings. [Read More]
Coming soon to McDonald's is fresh beef. The fast food giant said Thursday that it will swap frozen beef patties for fresh ones in its... [Read More]
Democrats say they still have enough votes to keep Gorsuch off the high court. [Read More]
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