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The April 2 edition of the Sunday New York Times, where the paper features its best journalism, included a six-page special section, "Women Today," pegged... [Read More]
If you're already sick of seeing an endless stream of videos posted on your Facebook feed, buckle up, because its not going to slowdown anytime... [Read More]
According to a report, just five tech companies dominate nearly all online advertising. Of those five, three are primarily advertising in China. [Read More]
JCDecaux wins the 10 year tender for the Sao Paulo Metro advertising concession. Paris, 28 June 2017- JCDecaux SA, the number one outdoor. [Read More]
Google today is more formally taking the wraps off its internal incubator, Area 120, with the launch of a dedicated website, alongside the launch of... [Read More]
The president hates "fake news," right? [Read More]
Wisconsin State Journal: Lawmakers propose cutting lottery advertising budget The Wisconsin Lottery's promotional advertising would be scaled back and its annual advertising budget would be cut... [Read More]
"Don't pour water in my ear and tell me it's raining. Just give me the facts." [Read More]
U.S. senator said nationalized healthcare is like forced labor camps. [Read More]
The proposal comes as Gov. Scott Walker has called for increasing advertising spending on the lottery. [Read More]
Because the Kardashians have not, to my knowledge, ever cozied up to a Russian dictator, lied prodigiously as a matter of routine, tweeted sophomoric ins... [Read More]
What are the implications of ads that know our search histories? [Read More]
MBTA overseers plan to take a cautious first sip, rather than a big gulp, of advertising revenue from the booze industry. [Read More]
To promote special Independence Day services to help Austinites enjoy the fireworks without the hassle of traffic, Capital Metro has released an interesting advertisement campaign... [Read More]
He also called for Hillary Clinton's emails to be investigated. Again. [Read More]
Do you know people who like to watch horror movies? It's puzzling why people want to have the bejeezus scared out of them, but to... [Read More]
This post first appeared at This weekend, The New York Times performed a noble public service by publishing nearly every lie Donald Trump has... [Read More]
Sex sells, right? According to UI advertising Professor John Wirtz, it's a bit more complicated than that.By conducting a meta-analysis of 78 studies, Wirtz and... [Read More]
Google is making a change to its advertising practices that will affect millions of Gmail users around the globe. Starting later this year, the company... [Read More]
The once ubiquitous Trump surrogate returns with more "alternative facts." [Read More]
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