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The sailor was struck by a spinning tail rotor at Camp Pendleton... [Read More]
Special Operations Marines say they need a shorter barrel and 'greater volume of fire.'... [Read More]
The Pentagon has released details on a $20 billion discrepancy from its fiscal year 2019 budget rollout. [Read More]
The Pentagon may seek a new military assignment for the national security adviser, who is on the outs with President Trump, according to news reports. [Read More]
A military appeals court rebuked a two-star for his crusade to oust hazers from the Corps. [Read More]
Mattis was expected to send the White House guidance on whether transgender servicemembers would negatively affect readiness. [Read More]
The long-awaited pepperoni pizza will be on its way to troops later this year. [Read More]
Now Marines will only be required to pass three evaluated hikes, down from five last year. [Read More]
The embattled department secretary said he has been told by White House officials that a recent travel scandal won't cost him his job. [Read More]
The young sergeant was a seasoned veteran with three at-sea deployments, including a stint in South Korea. [Read More]
The Corps turns its eyes toward a cold-weather fight. [Read More]
An investigation found one individual was suspected in leaking confidential information. [Read More]
Here are some of the best military photos from across the services. [Read More]
Officials from the American Legion, Vietnam Veterans of America and AMVETS all offered support for the embattled Cabinet official. [Read More]
Since a travel scandal broke on Wednesday, VA leadership has been embroiled in internal political fights that could result in the ousting of more top... [Read More]
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