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Searching for "Why Trump"
NYT's Jim Rutenberg discusses his latest report detailing the extent of Trump's coordination with American Media Inc.. joined by MSNBC analyst Elise Jordan, former Rep.... [Read More]
Trevor Potter, former Federal Elections Chair and general counsel to Sen. John McCain's presidential 2008 campaign, explains why Trump's claim that he didn't do anything... [Read More]
NBC News legal analyst Daniel Goldman explains why Trump being in the room with Michael Cohen and David Pecker proves he committed a felony in... [Read More]
What Trump has in mind is a misguided promise with very fine print, which he hopes Americans won't read. [Read More]
Lawrence explains why Trump's bizarre Oval Office negotiation with Pelosi and Schumer provided a vivid example of why his lawyers don't want him to testify... [Read More]
The former acting Solicitor General says the only thing that's keeping Donald Trump from being charged is the fact that he's still in the White... [Read More]
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