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Searching for "Nancy Pelosi"
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has suggested that Donald Trump is harming the country, stopping short of affirming that the president should immediately be impeached. Joy... [Read More]
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has suggested that Donald Trump is harming the country, stopping short of affirming that the president should immediately be impeached. Joy... [Read More]
Trump's recent attack on Nancy Pelosi's mental competency bears a striking similarity to the conspiracy theories that spread in 2016 about Hillary Clinton's health. [Read More]
A video altered to show House Speaker Nancy Pelosi appearing to drunkenly slur her words is making the rounds on social media. Ali Velshi talks... [Read More]
Democratic Congresswoman of California Jackie Speier joins NBC's Chris Jansing to respond to President Trump's behavior over the past few days, and Speaker Nancy Pelosi's... [Read More]
A conservative group has doctored and altered a video of Nancy Pelosi and it's going viral on social media. The video comes after Trump called... [Read More]
President Trump's feud with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has reached a new level. NBC's Ben Collins joins Ali Velshi to examine altered and edited videos... [Read More]
President Trump and his allies, including Rudy Giuliani, tweeted out altered and edited videos of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. One video was slowed down to... [Read More]
President Trump continued to erupt Thursday night over House Speaker Pelosi saying he through a 'temper tantrum,' going so far as posting a video edited... [Read More]
The President of the United States shared on Twitter a video heavily edited by FOX News appearing to show Nancy Pelosi struggling to speak in... [Read More]
Ezra Klein joins Lawrence O'Donnell to reacts to the MSNBC Exclusive that Robert Mueller wants to testify to Congress behind closed doors and Trump's all-day... [Read More]
The president seemed to escalate his war of words with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi after she suggested he may need an intervention. Kimberly Atkins, Kelsey... [Read More]
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is firing back at Trump after his temper tantrum at their meeting, using Trump's meltdown to try to unify her divided... [Read More]
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, when asked by NBC's Kelly O'Donnell, says she is concerned for President Trump's welfare, and asks for the president's family and... [Read More]
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi told her Democratic colleagues Thursday that President Trump "wants to be impeached" so that he can be vindicated by the Senate. [Read More]
The president on Wednesday cut short a meeting with Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer and then held an impromptu Rose Garden event blasting Speaker Pelosi's... [Read More]
Speaker Nancy Pelosi met privately with the majority of House members to debate impeaching President Trump, in response to private and public lobbying by some... [Read More]
President Trump walked out of Infrastructure Week talks with Democrats Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer at the White House today. NBC's Hans Nichols, Kelly O'Donnell,... [Read More]
After meeting with President Trump at the White House, Speaker Nancy Pelosi says Trump "wasn't respectful of the Congress and the White House working together." [Read More]
After a closed-door meeting with House and Senate members, Speaker Nancy Pelosi talks to reporters and says "we believe the president of the United States... [Read More]
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