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Jaime Harrison is a South Carolina Democrat who is making a bid for Lindsey Graham's Senate seat, and he's using Graham's own words against him... [Read More]
Rep. Jim Himes, D-Conn., sits on the House Intel Committee, and he joins Morning Joe to discuss where he stands on impeaching the president, rising... [Read More]
The president officially kicked off his re-election campaign Tuesday evening during a rally in Orlando, Florida where he sounded much like he did in 2016.... [Read More]
President Trump threatens in a new tweet that ICE will begin 'removing the millions' of migrants in the US illegally 'next week,' Jacob Soboroff joins... [Read More]
Author Alexander Nazaryan joins Morning Joe to discuss his new book 'The Best People: Trump's Cabinet and the Siege on Washington.'... [Read More]
Democratic Reps. Sharice Davids and David Cicilline join Morning Joe to discuss where Dems stand on the effort to impeach the president, the Equality Act... [Read More]
2020 Democratic presidential candidate, Sen. Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota, has released her first 100 days plan, which includes re-joining the International Climate Agreement and filling... [Read More]
Rep. Katie Hill, D-Calif., sits on the House Oversight Committee, and she joins Morning Joe to discuss the latest on rising tensions with Iran and... [Read More]
Author and psychotherapist Jeanne Safer joins Morning Joe to discuss her new book 'I Love You, But I Hate Your Politics,' which she considers a... [Read More]
Chris Matthews is hosting a special live 'Hardball' from Dayton, Ohio on Monday evening, where he will talk with voters who could re-write the map... [Read More]
Rep. Ben Ray Lujan, D-NM, joins Morning Joe to discuss his candidacy for New Mexico's Senate seat, where he lands on impeaching the president and... [Read More]
New Yorker staff writer Sheelah Kolhatkar profiles 2020 Democratic candidate, Sen. Elizabeth Warren, for the magazine and she joins Morning Joe to discuss her reporting. [Read More]
DNC Chair Tom Perez joins Morning Joe ahead of the first Democratic debate in Miami to discuss the DNC's decision to cap the debate at... [Read More]
The three-day Poor People's Moral Action Congress takes place June 17-19 in Washington, and part of event will feature a forum with 2020 presidential candidates.... [Read More]
FEC Chair Ellen Weintraub issued a statement Thursday on campaigns accepting foreign aid the day after the president said he'd consider taking information on opponents... [Read More]
2020 Democratic presidential candidate, fmr. Rep. Beto O'Rourke, joins Morning Joe to discuss his 2020 campaign, the president's recent remarks on foreign dirt, his standing... [Read More]
President Trump said in an interview excerpt aired Wednesday that he might take help from a foreign government offering information on an opponent. The Morning... [Read More]
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