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State and federal officials Friday said they were drastically escalating the inflow of resources for Texas' recovery from Harvey. Much of the response effort remained... [Read More]
Hurricane Harvey left a rising number of deaths and costly destruction in Texas, where Gov. Greg Abbott forecast federal funding needs are "far in excess"... [Read More]
Hurricane Harvey left a rising number of deaths and costly destruction in Texas, where Gov. Greg Abbott forecast federal funding needs are "far in excess"... [Read More]
Hurricane Harvey left a rising number of deaths and costly destruction in Texas, where Gov. Greg Abbott forecast federal funding needs are "far in excess"... [Read More]
"We are prepared to provide all of the accommodation that is needed," Gov. Greg Abbott told CBS News' Elaine Quijano... [Read More]
As Texas Gov. Greg Abbott offered plates of food and encouraging words to about 200 evacuees from Hurricane Harvey at a shelter in Austin last... [Read More]
Texas Gov. Greg Abbott praised the federal response to Harvey Monday. Abbott gave the government an "A-plus," saying he'd spoken "on multiple occasions" to President... [Read More]
The Houston area looks like an inland sea dotted by islands, and Gov. Greg Abbott said people needed to prepare for "a new and different... [Read More]
Speaking in storm-ravaged Corpus Christi, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott says that state officials will to help residents find a "new normal." after Harvey. [Read More]
Texas Gov. Greg Abbott and local officials had given conflicting messages about whether to evacuate Houston ahead of Harvey. [Read More]
More than 3,000 national and state guard troops are being deployed to assist with relief and recovery efforts as the nation's fourth-largest city and surrounding... [Read More]
President Trump on Friday said he is "closely monitoring" the approach of an expected Category 3 hurricane in the Gulf of Mexico.Hurricane Harvey is expected to... [Read More]
People fill sandbags behind the Seaman's Memorial Tower in Aransas Pass, Texas, ahead of a tropical storm on Aug. 23, 2017. Texas Gov. Greg Abbott... [Read More]
A Texas version of a North Carolina-style "bathroom bill" targeting transgender people again lurched toward defeat Tuesday, leaving Republican Gov. Greg Abbott with little path... [Read More]
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