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North Texas teachers get free pistol training. Experts said gun training and teaching educators how to react to high-stress emergencies will help create safer schools. [Read More]
What's behind President Trump's curious silence about a porn star and her story? [Read More]
It was television, not Facebook, that made him president. [Read More]
2018 may finally be their year. [Read More]
Congress is adding a several billion dollar boost to the omnibus in order to combat the opioid epidemic - an effort to bolster prevention, treatment... [Read More]
In patriarchal South Korea, the MeToo movement has taken off with unexpected rapidity, toppling male celebrities including a prominent politician. [Read More]
"I literally left a ticking time bomb," Christopher Wylie said of the firm's data gathering. [Read More]
Keeping busy during retirement is important for cognitive health—in fact, studies have shown that short-term memory can decline 40 per cent faster once someone stops... [Read More]
Lawmakers now have until midnight Friday to approve it and prevent the year's third embarrassing government shutdown. [Read More]
Mark Zuckerberg is leaving the door open to testifying before Congress in the wake of a data debacle that has upended Facebook this week. [Read More]
Appreciate this slow and glorious sunset while you can. ... [Read More]
Police on Monday detained two suspected MS-13 gang members who are wanted in Virginia for murder. Denis Ludwin Espinal-Alvares, 19, of Oxon Hill, Md., and... [Read More]
Prosecutors in Carver County have agreed to provide Prince's siblings with documents connected to their investigation into his death. [Read More]
The 49-year-old singer has been dealing with a condition called Patulous Eustachian tube. [Read More]
Talk about a tease... [Read More]
He's looking to enjoin AEG from pushing musicians into a so-called "Staples Center Commitment." [Read More]
We'll always have a soft spot in our hearts for 1985 Barbie. Like all of us, Barbie's look has changed over the years. From '60s... [Read More]
A controversial warrant allows police to temporarily confiscate guns from law-abiding — but at-risk — owners. It represents the latest piecemeal attempt to prevent gun... [Read More]
Eye tracking and full-room motion sensing: Qualcomm's dev kit reference design for standalone VR could be a peek at where 2019 heads. [Read More]
Sen. Toni Atkins became the first woman and first LGBT person to lead the California Senate on Wednesday, pledging to work toward changing the Capitol... [Read More]
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