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A year ago today, a boat carrying about 145 people, almost all of them Somalis with official refugee documents, was on its way to Sudan... [Read More]
I had one encounter with Stephen Hawking. He came in the summer of 1989 to the Aspen Center for Physics and had the office next... [Read More]
'Any critic of yours online gets absolutely lambasted by your followers,' Cathy Newman told Jordan Peterson on Channel 4 News in January. After the interview,... [Read More]
Professor Hawking's Brief History of Time thoroughly deserves the praise with which it has been widely received. With only one formula, Einstein's celebrated E =... [Read More]
When we see consent as the sole constraint on OK sex, we are pushed towards a naturalisation of sexual preference in which the rape fantasy... [Read More]
In pre-Civil War fugitive slave narratives – memoirs written by men and, occasionally, women who had escaped to freedom and hoped to convert readers to... [Read More]
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