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Here's how one YouTube user literally dissolved a calculator, creating a surreal and hypnotic video of the cool chemistry. [Read More]
LISTEN IN: Scientist records a female Physocylus globosus letting the male know what he should be doing. [Read More]
It might be a treasured value in many human cultures, but monogamy is rare in the animal kingdom at large. Yet that doesn't mean it's... [Read More]
Amazing GIFs on Twitter reveal bizarre creatures called crinoids or sea lilies. Animals that look like plants, crinoids are descendants of a lifeform that once... [Read More]
A woman's IUD that appeared to be "missing" from her uterus turned up in an unusual place: her bladder. [Read More]
A giant, open lava tube on the moon could one day house astronauts or even a lunar colony. [Read More]
When both the brain and the body need nourishment, the brain feeds itself first, according to a new study in the journal Scientific Reports. [Read More]
A former Google and Uber engineer wants to establish Way of the Future, a religious group dedicated to a "godhead based on artificial intelligence." [Read More]
An extraordinarily well-preserved fossil of a young sea turtle that lived 54 million years ago contains molecules of dark pigments that would have protected the... [Read More]
In a stunning frog photo recently shared widely from Reddit, a swallowed snake isn't going down without a fight. [Read More]
Babies as young as 6 months become vigilant at the sight of creepy-crawlies. [Read More]
As explained in National Geographic's "Brain Games," magicians trick you by utilizing both avenues of your attention. You have no others. [Read More]
Almonds, the most popular nut in the United States, is full of nutrients and may promote heart healthiness. [Read More]
Many people claim to have had some kind of out-of-body experience. However, there's no evidence that people experience astral travel have actually gone anywhere. [Read More]
Bacteria that normally live in a person's mouth could contribute to gut diseases such as inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), ulcerative colitis and Crohn's disease, a... [Read More]
People in California no longer need to decide between being buried or cremated when they die. On Oct. 15, Gov. Jerry Brown signed a bill... [Read More]
A sneaky takeoff technique helps mosquitoes escape undetected after they bite you. [Read More]
From floor robots to board games to apps, there are many toys out there that kids can use to learn to code. [Read More]
Bursts of brain activity called "sleep spindles" work to consolidate memories in dogs as they snooze, just like in humans. [Read More]
A computer-based brain-training game helped people with hearing problems follow conversations better in noisy situations. [Read More]
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