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We're just over a week from Christmas day, and my stand mixer is getting the kind of workout that forces me to remember where I... [Read More]
At some point, publishers at a lot of the sites I frequent decided that it would be a good idea to start using autoplay videos.... [Read More]
You have a problem. You gather a group of smart, creative people and say, Let's brainstorm. Together, you bounce around a bunch of ideas, whittling... [Read More]
No matter where you live, gas is expensive. GasBuddy has been one of those app people have used for years to find the cheapest place... [Read More]
The best way to support creators you love is usually to buy their work—it's financial support and support for the idea that they can make... [Read More]
Vanilla extract is usually made by steeping vanilla beans in alcohol for weeks and weeks and weeks. But the Instant Pot laughs in the face... [Read More]
Choosing between real and artificial Christmas trees largely comes down to personal preference: do you want that cozy pine smell and hellacious clean-up, or built-in... [Read More]
Nowadays there are a ton of different options to determine if you're too drunk to get behind the wheel, but about if you've smoked too... [Read More]
A few years ago an ex-boyfriend of mine got married. Our breakup was amicable and we both stayed friends with a lot of the same... [Read More]
Finding a job can be hard, no matter who you are or what your background is. If you spent time away from the traditional workforce... [Read More]
Your trash smells bad. If you get one of those airtight lidded cans, your trash only smells bad when you open it, releasing a wet... [Read More]
You probably see it all the time: someone sitting alone out in the cold, holding a sign with a scribbled plea for help on it.... [Read More]
If you haven't added a second layer of security to your Google account, you're more vulnerable than you realize. You might think you're secure if... [Read More]
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Hello, and welcome to Will It Casserole?, the column where I take your delicious concepts and re-imagine them as delicious casserole creations. Today we're taking... [Read More]
For those of us who remember the early-ish days of the internet, today marks the official end of an era, that if we're honest with... [Read More]
Welcome back to Burning Questions, the column where I ask experts to answer the questions you're too embarrassed to pipe up about yourself. Today's installment... [Read More]
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