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Rep. David Cicilline (D-RI) says "I think all of the announced Democratic candidates for president are capitalists. We don't have socialist candidates running for president... [Read More]
Plowing snow in just four days. [Read More]
From: N Sent: Monday, May 30, 2016 10:35 AM To: Subject: Just curious how hard it is to get a masters in economics and how... [Read More]
On college campuses, covered by "The College Fix."   The Duke lacrosse racial rape hoax seems so quaint and old fashioned by now. [Read More]
From: A Sent: Wed 5/25/2016 9:57 PM To: Walter Block Subject: Is very murder also trespass? Dear Walter, If A and B are both visitors... [Read More]
John Bolton's scheme is going to be an "enormous money pit" like Iraq and Afghanistan for starters, then will trigger a huge influx of refugees... [Read More]
From: A Sent: Sun 5/8/2016 5:59 PM To: Walter Block Subject: Re: Non-coercive functions of the state Dear Walter, I am not so sure why... [Read More]
That today's page was so late. I was having software problems, now fixed. [Read More]
To bring all American troops home from Syria.  He's never seen a war end before, and it's just devastating to mini-McCain.  He wants to leave... [Read More]
Entitled to?, by Steve Sailer – The Unz Review. [Read More]
And Other Trends in Modern Propaganda. [Read More]
Of the Reagan Deep State, by Steve Sailer – The Unz Review. [Read More]
Going on a Carnivore Diet. [Read More]
For non-high-speed rail. (Thanks, Linda Taylor) [Read More]
For $250 Million. (Thanks, Christine Ross) [Read More]
So I'm cheering on Nick Sandmann's $250M lawsuit. The lawsuit, filed in federal court in Kentucky, came as the first of what could be dozens... [Read More]
Main points and summary Individuals with metabolic problems (elevated blood sugar, insulin resistance, obesity) are caught in the middle of a major shift in the... [Read More]
One of the gaping questions that have gone unanswered is why has Mueller not taken Putin up on his offer to go question the Russian... [Read More]
A large double-tap car bombing (vid) hit Idleb city in northwest Syria today. Some 20 to 30 people were killed and more wounded. Idleb governorate is controlled... [Read More]
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