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Cheers & Jeers for Nov. 18, 2017... [Read More]
In school, we are all taught how our government works. Congressional hearings are held to consider a bill's effects. Experts are brought in and testimony... [Read More]
Governor Burgum's recent comments about increasing the use of technology in the classroom raise serious concerns about the direction of education policy and practice in... [Read More]
1 ... [Read More]
My family enjoys the parades: Fourth of July, Christmas, etc. It is fun to see our local schools, clubs, businesses and organizations marching in our... [Read More]
On the topics of misogyny, Trump's presidency or estate tax repeal, Arizona Daily Star readers share their opinion. [Read More]
Like all Queen of the Valley employees who live near the hospital, the second I smelled smoke wafting into my house last month, I knew... [Read More]
For many years now, I have been sounding the alarm of the misguided principles the Planning Commission and the Board of Supervisors are employing in... [Read More]
Back in October, following the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission's certification of the Atlantic Coast Pipeline and the Mountain Valley Pipeline, the Richmond Times-Dispatch published an... [Read More]
Prunedale resident Pat Garcia asks whatever happened to respectful responses to differing opinions? [Read More]
What is next? Where is Congress to stop the insanity? Every day there are mixed messages from the White House. Not to mention most are... [Read More]
Regarding the letter from Leslie J. Miller ("Presidential messages to Trump"), one can only say, the Trib has finally arrived. Let the fireworks begin. Useful... [Read More]
I want to "thank" Harrison Township for getting a new trash collector ("Some residents not happy with Harrison's garbage collection rate hike for 2018"). My... [Read More]
End wasteful wars to address budget crisisRepublicans in Congress are pushing a tax cut bill that would cost 1.5 trillion bucks. Is there extra... [Read More]
More density will only increase problemsI am opposed to more density in Santa Cruz and particularly the addition of multi-storied units on the Eastside. ... [Read More]
I read recently that our Republican senator, Cory Gardner, wants the Senate to expel Roy Moore if he wins the upcoming election in Alabama, because... [Read More]
I read the recent article about New Era's muni-vote strategy with amazement and dismay. As a renewable supporter who campaigned against the muni in the... [Read More]
Wow, a third front page article from Alex Burness in less than a week browbeating New Era Colorado for getting out the vote for their... [Read More]
I love seeing Xcel chasing renewables with the proposed solar at IBM. Boulder is having an effect. Competition does work. [Read More]
Karen Budd-Falen is a poor choice to become the director of the Bureau of Land Management (BLM). She has made a career of pushing for... [Read More]
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