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2017-7-17 Services
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2017-7-12 Services
2017-07-12 Services
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True religious freedom must be all-inclusive Some Christian groups regularly express frustration that they haven't won lawsuits to allow denial of bu ... [Read More]
Focus on actual biasActual bias is real. It is well known that people are often unaware of their own biases, even though others can recognize... [Read More]
Bad tone in this articleI really must take exception to the tone of your article ("Truck Crashes More Prevalent," July 19) which seems to place... [Read More]
Quite by accident, I recently became aware that Scott Waste Services (aka Waste Connections) offers a senior discount. You must ask for this senior rate... [Read More]
Sen. Mitch McConnell recently compared the health care conundrum to his attempt to solve a Rubik's Cube. I suspect that Mitch, like many, could never... [Read More]
I live in the county area of Warren County. We have seen our rural area grow from mostly farm area to a mostly housing community... [Read More]
The House and Senate's failed Republican efforts have shown America how they would treat health care. The Democrats are divided between repairing Obamacare or... [Read More]
Honestly, is there any other grocery company that has done so much for the Region as Strack & Van Til and its related families? [Read More]
Obamacare was doomed to failure because it was put together by one party and included many special items to get enough senators to vote yes.... [Read More]
Hopefully, I won't have any business at the Woodbury County Courthouse. Don't want to get shot by a stray bullet. [Read More]
It's interesting how a Republican majority Congress can easily pass a repeal of Obamacare several times when the president in power will veto it, but... [Read More]
I watched the Woodbury County board meeting from July 11 where guns in the courthouse were discussed and thought the issue couldn't be further mischaracterized... [Read More]
America is $20 trillion in debt and $15 trillion of this debt has come in the last 16 years under both Republican and Democratic administrations.... [Read More]
I think it might be safe to say that on any given day there are a million or more prayers for peace lifted to God,... [Read More]
The mainstream news media and the Democrats in Congress daily claim that President Trump "colluded" with the Russians to win the election. Some say that... [Read More]
Isn't it interesting that folks who are injured in an auto accident and have to spend days or weeks recovering in a hospital, never have... [Read More]
Kudos to the Stracks, the Van Tils, the Wilkinsons and other members of the finest grocery store team in Northwest Indiana for a great collaboration... [Read More]
Our thanks to Dyer for its participation in the America in Bloom national awards program and to Tom DeGiulio, Mary Tanis and Bryan Lane for... [Read More]
Red flagYour article on July 19 concerning the GOP precinct chairman was very informative. I can sympathize with his feelings of being a victim in... [Read More]
Through the fog of Donald Trump's persistent prevaricating, a disquieting truth has emerged. [Read More]
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