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Fresno County Deputies are searching for 33-year-old Jason Kump. [Read More]
The Fresno County Sheriff's Office is searching for a missing teenager. [Read More]
Firefighters put out a blaze at a storage facility in Southeast Fresno. It broke out at a Salvation Army facility near Parallel Avenue and El... [Read More]
Third time was the charm for Space-X as the company launches its Falcon 9 rocket from Vandenberg Air Force Base in Santa Barbara County Thursday... [Read More]
Sanger firefighters are calling an overnight garage fire suspicious. It broke out just after 1:30 a.m. behind a home on Sixth Street near Lyon. [Read More]
A post about possible shooting threat on social media is making its rounds on Facebook. The post is scaring many parents and students around the... [Read More]
Eight former command staff members of San Francisco Fire Department's Station Two, who were reassigned to different firehouses after a sexual harassment scandal in 2016,... [Read More]
In small towns across America, police and teachers are all trying to learn from Parkland Florida--that includes Kingsburg Police Chief Niel Dadian. [Read More]
The Selma Police Department is investigating social media threats involving Selma High School. [Read More]
Though the picturesque views of blossoms throughout the Valley are aesthetically pleasing. It is serving as one of the biggest concerns for Valley growers. [Read More]
Students working on science experiment will be a part of the Mission 12 Program on the international space station with a group of astronauts. [Read More]
Billy Graham's last Fresno visit came exactly one month after the attacks of 9/11. [Read More]
Teen parents came together at a Fresno conference room to learn, grow and become better caregivers for their children. One of those parents is 18-year-old... [Read More]
One student says he has created a device that can help keep students safe during an active shooter situation. [Read More]
Students working on science experiment will be a part of the Mission 12 Program on the international space station with a group of astronauts. [Read More]
Fifteen months after California voters made recreational marijuana legal, thousands of people in Fresno County are still carrying convictions for activities no longer considered crimes. [Read More]
The marquee at Paul Everts RV Country now reads fire sale red hot deals. [Read More]
Jurors listened to evidence against Gustavo Duenas Wednesday afternoon--one of two men accused of an attempted robbery that left two men dead, including his own... [Read More]
Two students who survived the Florida school shooting and spoke publicly about it are not "crisis actors," despite the claims of several conspiracy-oriented sites and... [Read More]
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