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Wichita Falls Metropolitan Community Church is holding a special service tomorrow evening to remember all transgender men and women who have lost their lives.  ... [Read More]
The Wichita Falls Fire Department is in need of the communities help this holiday season. ... [Read More]
A volunteer Burkburnett Firefighter/EMT received a national scholarship that will help her pursue a bachelor's degree in fire administration. ... [Read More]
Hundreds of people in Texoma can now sit down for Thanksgiving, with a turkey on their table thanks to the generosity of the community. [Read More]
They're warning that unlocked cars are an easy target for crooks. ... [Read More]
A Wichita Falls church invited the community over for an early turkey carving on Saturday. The New Jerusalem Baptist Church located near Hirschi High School... [Read More]
Police are reporting four Dairy Queens in four Texoma counties were broken into this week. ... [Read More]
A house fire damaged a home in Wichita Falls Saturday. ... [Read More]
River Bend Nature Center's annual lighted Christmas display, Electricritters, began Friday. [Read More]
Police are searching for a person who broke into multiple businesses across several Texoma counties Friday. ... [Read More]
One Texoma dog put on his vest for the last time Saturday. Kimbo has been apart of the K9 unit at the Wichita County... [Read More]
Kids in Texoma, will be able to have a good Christmas this year thanks to generous people in our community. [Read More]
The Kemp Center for the Arts threw a party for the children of Texoma Saturday. ... [Read More]
Thousands came out to watch the bright lights fill the streets of downtown Wichita Falls Saturday night. Many event-goers said the 20th annual City Lights... [Read More]
One man is facing life-threatening injuries after losing control of his motorcycle and wrecking out at Harding Street and Thompson Road Thursday night in Wichita... [Read More]
Firefighters said the fire was caused by an electrical issue on Friday afternoon but they did not specify further. [Read More]
30 Wichita Falls ISD teachers celebrated with their students after winning a WFISD Foundation annual IDEA grant Friday morning. The loudest celebrations came from Ben Franklin Elementary... [Read More]
Spectra Venue Management is offering free shuttle transportation for The Temptations on Saturday. ... [Read More]
A cold front arrives in the morning, bringing strong north winds. Temperatures will remain steady in the upper 50s to lower 60s with north winds... [Read More]
A cold front arrives in the morning, bringing strong north winds. Temperatures will remain steady in the upper 50s to lower 60s with north winds... [Read More]
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