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Google still plans to show ads within Gmail. But instead of scanning through email content, the company's software will rely on other signals. [Read More]
Google now says it will end the practice of targeting ads based on email text, but the decision was not made by the Gmail or... [Read More]
Senator Chris Coons introduced a bill this week ca... [Read More]
On July 1, Sigmon family and friends will be conducting a ground search of Andy Sigmon's last known location at Cooleemee Plantation in Advance. [Read More]
but retained all the older, weaker encryption schemes that had gone before in the name of backward compatibility. Unfortunately, this meant that someone able to... [Read More]
When Ken Cooper was sued over a patent on scavenger hunts, his small business wouldn't have survived if it weren't for Alice. [Read More]
Matt Silverman didn't think his company would survive when a patent troll started suing its customers. [Read More]
In 2014's Alice v. [Read More]
Several US senators spoke out this week on the imp... [Read More]
If the federal government wants to compel an onlin... [Read More]
Mandatory Filtering Proposals Curb Competition... [Read More]
The field of machine learning and artificial intelligence is making rapid progress. Many people are starting to ask what a world with intelligent computers will... [Read More]
CenturyLink is facing a lawsuit from a former employee and a $12 billion class action suit from its customers over ... [Read More]
If you migrate away from a CMS system you can not only make your webpages smaller and faster-loading for your visitors… but you can save... [Read More]
Cyber security firm UpGuard uncovered the database last week, confirming that it includes personal data on nearly 200 million US ... [Read More]
Search Engine Land is the leading industry source for daily, must-read news and in-depth analysis about search engine technology. [Read More]
We learned this Wednesday of a report [PDF]&n... [Read More]
In May, Montana adopted a new statute that limits... [Read More]
This week, EFF joined Creative Commons, Wikimedia, Mozilla, EDRi, Open Rights Group, and sixty other organizations in signing an open letter [PDF] addressed to Members... [Read More]
Search Engine Land is the leading industry source for daily, must-read news and in-depth analysis about search engine technology. [Read More]
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