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"So, the key is to give people more choices, have more competition — bring premiums down." [Read More]
"What are you doing?" [Read More]
All-in-all, a tough week for CNN. [Read More]
"Wow." [Read More]
CNN had FOUR major retractions in the past month - yep, good solid news source - NOT. Go "C"able "N"ot "N"ews - That... [Read More]
"Come on boys and girls do something right an good for America, President Trump can't go alone on everything !" "Nothing will be good enough... [Read More]
"It's our Constitutional right plain and simple " "I guess the majority we have on the court won't help us when it comes to guns.... [Read More]
This would be funny if it wasn't so not funny. [Read More]
Spicer warned that Assad would "pay a heavy price" [Read More]
" McConnell the room he needs to pass the bill." [Read More]
She got busted. Big-time. [Read More]
Wray said in a statement he looked forward to his confirmation process. [Read More]
"In an apparent effort to prove how unemployed they are..." [Read More]
"Tell more lies, lose more elections." "they should all quit. They are no longer journalists, but parrots!!" [Read More]
"CNN, in other words, is no longer just a news organization..." [Read More]
"It's worse to pass a bad bill than it is to pass no bill." [Read More]
"We are doing our job. You just may not have heard about it." [Read More]
"I completely understand Exhibit C, though; I mean, Democrats praying is big news, where Republicans praying is par for the course." "tee hee &nb... [Read More]
"Help me understand how the Senate version of the bill, which is supposed to be less extreme than the congressional version, leaves more people uninsured... [Read More]
The story in question cited a single anonymous source. [Read More]
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