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The T. rex would not have been able to run at speed without breaking its legs, meaning a human would technically have been able to... [Read More]
Get ready space nerds: NASA is uploading hundreds of hours of rare archival footage. [Read More]
700 million Africans are currently without an electricity supply. Experts now think that instead of choosing coal, they'll go straight for renewables inste... [Read More]
A team of archaeologists say they may have found the tomb of Ankhesenamun, King Tut's bride. [Read More]
Trapped geologic methane is escaping into the atmosphere far more quickly than anyone expected, meaning that the rate of future climate change has likely b... [Read More]
The southward shift of the tropical rainbelt is predominantly caused by aerosols released during the burning of dirty fuels... [Read More]
Simply paying landowners to keep rainforests intact works moderately well and cheap for the benefits achieved. [Read More]
A fishing crew has caught a 5.5-meters (18 feet) giant squid off the coast of Kerry. Luck of the Irish, I suppose. [Read More]
People have built a shrine to the robot in Washington DC. And they've also given it a name: Steve. [Read More]
Archaeologists have discovered the 1,700 BCE equivalent of an emoji: a jug decorated with a big flat smiley face. [Read More]
This robot was designed by researchers at Stanford, and its versatility is pretty darn impressive. It can put out small fires, open valves, and navigate... [Read More]
Scientists have discovered that the center of our galaxy may trap some of the highest-energy cosmic rays, producing bursts of gamma-rays that head our way. [Read More]
The most comprehensive analysis of dementia to date identifies nine risk factors that significantly increase the chances of someone being diagnosed with th... [Read More]
A new study has discovered that the assumption that higher fat ice cream equals better taste is not actually true. In fact, humans can't taste... [Read More]
Doctors claim this oxygen treatment 'reversed' a little girls brain damage. [Read More]
IBM's World Community Grid, a virtual supercomputer connected by millions of devices, will be used to help solve the climate crisis - and applications are... [Read More]
Humans have produced 8.3 billion tonnes of plastic since the 1950s, with the majority of it going to landfill, and much making its way into... [Read More]
Elon Musk has revealed a ton of new information about his plans for the future of space exploration. This includes his ideas for going to... [Read More]
Seeds buried underground in ghost ponds can be resurrected, even after 150 years. [Read More]
This is the moment that the next target for NASA's New Horizons mission, a small rock in the outer Solar System, passed in front of... [Read More]
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