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"We're all human beings here and some things are just off limits." [Read More]
"It was a terrible, terrible mistake to make." [Read More]
Decisions. [Read More]
What is going on in Florida? [Read More]
"I think it's stupid." [Read More]
Deep ... thoughts. [Read More]
"It creates controversy and complexity, tying this to issues that are not in our sphere." [Read More]
"Our history changed forever. Now, our laws will too." [Read More]
4 pm ET! [Read More]
Plus, the Patriarchy Strikes Again! "Who do you support, your loving husband or this unhinged president?" [Read More]
"Thank you President Trump!" [Read More]
Plus: Opposed to a "scarcity mentality"? [Read More]
Family feud. [Read More]
"Democrats are 'starting to not even believe data created by professionals'" [Read More]
And how do you enforce that? [Read More]
"Ripe for politicization"? That's ripe. [Read More]
Gimmicks. [Read More]
Breaking the silence... [Read More]
What about the FAA? [Read More]
Seems like we've heard that line somewhere before... [Read More]
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