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With festival director Dieter Kosslick's contract ending in May 2019 and rising criticism of the event's programming, THR looks at how the German fest can... [Read More]
Inventive filmmakers behind entries such as '303' and 'Isle of Dogs' have taken to the streets to promote their work. [Read More]
The veteran Dutch actor spoke to THR at the Berlin Film Festival, where he is promoting his new film, the biblical action drama 'Samson.'... [Read More]
Some of the players, Jimmy Kimmel and others in the crowd at Sunday's NBA All-Star Game appeared to snicker. [Read More]
'Genesis,' Hungarian director Arpad Bogdan's second feature after 'A Happy Life,' premiered in the Panorama Special section in Berlin. [Read More]
THR's awards columnist breaks down the results. [Read More]
The Time's Up protest played out across the ceremony. [Read More]
Swedish co-directors Axel Petersen and Mans Mansson pop the Stockholm housing bubble in 'The Real Estate,' a grotesque black comedy about a cash cow that... [Read More]
Thai director Nawapol Thamrongrattanarit ('36,' 'Heart Attack') unveiled his latest feature 'Die Tomorrow' in Berlinale's Forum section. [Read More]
Well Go will bow the Filipino action thriller, from the director of 'Honor Thy Father,' in North America later this year. [Read More]
The movie has leapt past 'The Dark Knight' and 'Iron Man.'... [Read More]
Kayla Sutton created #WhatBlackPantherMeansToMe after her son explained why he was so excited for the film: "He's like the coolest in all of the comic... [Read More]
A young girl is torn between her good mom Valeria Golino and bad birth mother Alba Rohrwacher in Laura Bispuri's drama, 'Daughter of Mine' ('Figlia... [Read More]
She did not participate in the Time's Up blackout. [Read More]
Mujic won Berlin's best actor honor in 2013 for playing himself in documentary drama 'An Episode in the Life of an Iron Picker.'... [Read More]
The biggest film awards outside Hollywood unveiled their winners at London's Royal Albert Hall. [Read More]
The figure skater helped the U.S. men's team win a bronze medal in Pyeongchang. [Read More]
Tennis great John McEnroe's spiky temper tantrums, as well as his fearsome serve and sneaky backhand, get detailed scrutiny in the quirky cine sportif essay,... [Read More]
Director Jean Paul Civeyrac's new feature, 'A Paris Education,' about a young French film student, premiered in Berlin's Panorama section. [Read More]
A nickname from the comics makes its first appearance in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. [Read More]
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