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Thoughts about web development, machine learning, and neural networks... [Read More]
You are an engineer's engineer. You have a successful track record of designing and implementing software systems at scale. You are a world-class communicator (in... [Read More]
Iron Ox is building robotic greenhouses to supply fresh and sustainable produce to grocery stores and restaurants. We're a team from Willow Garage, Google[x], and... [Read More]
"You seem to believe in fairies." Photo of the Cottingley Fairies, 1917, by Elsie Wright via Wikipedia. Aficionados of open access should know about the... [Read More]
Do you like thinking, writing, and teaching others about Internet security? Have you worked as a software engineer? Aptible is hiring an expert in web... [Read More]
[latexpage] Computers are incredibly dumb. They have to be told explicitly what to do in the form of programs. Programs have to account for every... [Read More]
Theorem ( is a company at the intersection of technology and finance. We combine quantitative research, software engineering and rigorous scientific investigation to build credit... [Read More]
When beginners get started with machine learning, the inevitable question is "what are the prerequisites? What do I need to know to get started?" And... [Read More]
In the last few months, I have had several people contact me about their enthusiasm for venturing into the world of data science and using... [Read More]
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