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Buyers from China, Iran's biggest oil customer, are beginning to shift their cargoes to vessels owned by National Iranian Tanker Co (NITC) for nearly all... [Read More]
Marwan Muasher warns that the White House plan will hurt Jordan, noting that Amman can block the plan by ending security coordination with Israel ■... [Read More]
Marwan Muasher warns that the White House plan will hurt Jordan, noting that Amman can block the plan by ending security coordination with Israel ■... [Read More]
Deputy chief of the group reveals details of understandings reached between Israel and Palestinian factions, claims that Egypt also made promises to help Strip resolve... [Read More]
Buyers from China, Iran's biggest oil customer, are beginning to shift their cargoes to vessels owned by National Iranian Tanker Co (NITC) for nearly all... [Read More]
Signatories worked under both Democratic and Republican presidents... [Read More]
'Because it also has a demonstration effect, other leaders in authoritarian settings will do same thing'... [Read More]
Egypt's artistic community can only recall with longing the time of Mubarak, when the boundaries of freedom of artistic expression were much broader than those... [Read More]
The neglected cemetery had fallen into ruin following World War II and is expected to be fully restored by September, according to the anonymous philanthropist... [Read More]
It's hard to convey the full scope of Avnery's omnipresence on the Israeli scene... [Read More]
When the UN chief ignores Hamas and highlights another one-sided mandate focused only on Palestinian civilians, he once again makes the body he represents irrelevant... [Read More]
Law enforcement officials believe handball coach Beno Reinhorn, 35, committed offenses involving 140 girls between the age of 9 and 15 in Israel... [Read More]
Trump warns one-state could lead to an Israeli PM named Mohammed | Pepsi purchases SodaStream | Isadore Sharp on Saudi-Canada rift... [Read More]
Uri Avnery may have failed as a politician and a newspaper owner, but he laid the foundations for combative journalism in Israel and was vital... [Read More]
The Israeli company SodaStream isn't just about turning carbon dioxide and syrup into soda: it's about acting on consumer zeitgeist and tech trends... [Read More]
Uri Avnery was boundlessly optimistic. Even at the worst of times, he did not give up on achieving a solution to the conflict. At 80,... [Read More]
Israel consistently ranks among the top countries on the World Happiness Report – well ahead of the United States, the United Kingdom, France and Germany.... [Read More]
Maria Butina, who pleaded not guilty, was detained without bail pending trial after prosecutors presented evidence suggesting she had connections to Russian intelligence operatives... [Read More]
Genetic analysis shows ancient Galilean farmers warmly embraced blue-eyed, fair-skinned immigrants from Iran and Turkey in the late Copper Age... [Read More]
The Gush Shalom founder was one of the first Israelis to actively seek a Palestinian state as a peaceful solution to the conflict: 'The difference... [Read More]
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