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The UK student 'debate' spurred by feuding pro-Palestine and pro-Israel groups is noisy, intimidating and intellectually crude: That's why I founded an alternative way of... [Read More]
'Form and Light,' an exhibition of Yigal Gawze's stunning photographs of White City architecture, opens in Lisbon... [Read More]
Legal analysis explains ruling that member of the far-right Otzma Yehudit party could not run for the Knesset due to his racist views... [Read More]
Shaked is likely to lead Hayemin Hehadash, the party she established with Naftali Bennett and which failed to pass the electoral threshold... [Read More]
For the past few years the Great Synagogue of Vilnius, once the 'beating heart' of the city's Jewish community, has been under excavation after a... [Read More]
Using gifts, bribes and his personal charm, Clement Behar put his life on the line to save the Jews of the Egyptian capital from persecution... [Read More]
Using gifts, bribes and his personal charm, Clement Behar put his life on the line to save the Jews of the Egyptian capital from persecution... [Read More]
Dynamic Yield's Liad Agmon tells TheMarker why the burger giant's acquisition isn't your typical high-tech hype... [Read More]
Neither Washington nor Tehran is in a rush to arm its warplanes, but the risk that this tug of war becomes an exchange of military... [Read More]
Indian-controlled Kashmir's 1.4 million Shia Muslims are undergoing an ideological transformation: warming to Tehran, and backing separatism. Once limited to India and Pakistan, the Kashmir... [Read More]
'Merging with Barak and Meretz will deter certain populations from joining us and being part of the revolution,' Amir Peretz says... [Read More]
All 23 members of the seized Stena Impero are 'safe and in good health' and the tanker will remain in the port of Bandar Abbas... [Read More]
Stena Impero was taken to the Iranian port of Bandar Abbas, where it would remain while authorities investigate its accident with a fishing boat, Iranian... [Read More]
'Merging with Barak and Meretz will deter certain populations from joining us and being part of the revolution,' Amir Peretz says... [Read More]
Israel 'strikes the Iranians hundreds of times in Syria, sometimes admits it and sometimes foreign reports reveal it,' Tzachi Hanegbi states... [Read More]
Our forces went into action as night fell. There were 12 of them, each the salt of the earth, hailing from the Haifa area, from... [Read More]
Yes, Israel and Jews figure prominently in the religious imagination of America's 60 million white adult evangelicals. But it's not all about the Second Coming... [Read More]
Concerned over Iran's influence in the Eastern Mediterranean, defense officials discuss potential attacks on vessels, including surface-to-sea missiles and fast boat attacks... [Read More]
'When refugee artisans flee their countries, they flee with their skills'... [Read More]
This year's Palestine International Festival showed Palestinian art, which generally avoids emotions, dark desires and controversial identities, must reach a deeper level... [Read More]
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