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Archaeology has provided precious little evidence for the biblical account of a powerful Judaic kingdom 3,000 years ago, but the sheer extent of copper mining... [Read More]
Most man-made tragedies in the U.S. eventually reach the desk of Kenneth Feinberg, a 72-year-old Jewish lawyer who must turn trauma into financial compensation... [Read More]
Israeli army saw military activity in demilitarized zone, in violation of ceasefire agreements... [Read More]
Despite the issue of Gaza's security control remaining unsolved, the crossing will remain open for three days for 'humanitarian reasons'... [Read More]
Orders intended to deal with Jewish outposts are now being used to uproot Palestinian communities in the West Bank... [Read More]
Move by Tillerson is based on provision to U.S. law that stipulates Palestinians must close their U.S. office if they try to prosecute Israelis for... [Read More]
Bannon, who described the website he edits as 'the platform for the alt-right,' was called 'a great friend of Israel and Jews' by Israel's ambassador... [Read More]
Nasreen Khan said Jews were 'brainwashing children' into thinking 'Hitler was bad' in what was only the latest development in a two-year saga involving anti-Semitism... [Read More]
Over many centuries, hundreds of ships sank along what is now the coast of Israel. Report from a cruise on a replica of the oldest... [Read More]
Attempts by proponents of 'intelligent design' to save German paleontologist Günter Bechly's entry backfires, highlighting how Wikipedia struggles to keep scientific content clean of politics... [Read More]
This week at the Tel Aviv airport: A Danish woman visiting her soldier daughter says Israel adds complexity to her life; a life-long Hapoel Be'er... [Read More]
The longer I stay abroad, the more I feel this column isn't fulfilling its primary purpose: Testing the limits of a Palestinian Israeli's freedom of... [Read More]
'I steadfastly affirm that I would rather wear out than rust out,' said the the 76-year-old civil rights icon in a letter to supporters... [Read More]
Majid Faraj's meetings with Hamas officials concern PA demands for security control of the Gaza Strip, including border crossings... [Read More]
All you need to know about Taylor Force |... [Read More]
Residents of the West Bank village of Qalqas are forced to traverse the busy Highway 60 on a daily basis, without a crosswalk or a... [Read More]
Israeli army says the soldiers ultimately ended the clash; none of the stone-throwers were arrested... [Read More]
Three cities in Yemen don't have fuel to pump clean water, risking a renewed cholera outbreak... [Read More]
Minister Gebran Bassil says Hariri should still be considered Lebanon's serving prime minister, despite resignation... [Read More]
IDF order affects some 60 families in Jabal al-Baba and follows similar move earlier this week to evacuate Bedouin sites in northern Jordan Valley... [Read More]
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