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As President Donald Trump's former Russia adviser, Fiona Hill has provided crucial details of a White House meeting in July that is a key element... [Read More]
Sen. Amy Klobuchar, in a well-received debate performance, railed against the costs of the government giving too much away. Sen. Cory Booker cast doubt on... [Read More]
There is no precedent for keeping a House committee from examining President Donald Trump's financial records, lawyers for the House told the Supreme Court on... [Read More]
It was a historic moment in April 2017 when Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy presided over the ceremonial Rose Garden swearing-in for the court's new... [Read More]
Day 4 of the impeachment hearings against President Donald Trump dipped a little in terms of viewership from the first three days. Yesterday's proceedings drew an average... [Read More]
President Donald Trump took to the phone in the Oval Office last week after days of speculation. In succession, he notified three U.S. service members... [Read More]
The U.S. Secret Service paid more than $250,000 to President Donald Trump's private businesses in just the first five months of Trump's presidency - paying... [Read More]
At Wednesday's Democratic presidential primary debate, Bernie Sanders got an easy question - easy, that is, for a minimally reasonable politician seeking to govern a... [Read More]
The Senate passed a short-term spending bill Thursday to keep the government open through late December, sending the legislation to President Donald Trump hours ahead... [Read More]
Republicans have a ready explanation for why President Donald Trump held up U.S. military aid to Ukraine when they needed it to fight Russian aggression:... [Read More]
You can add impeachment to the long list of controversies that have exposed President Donald Trump's apathetic or clueless attitude toward cybersecurity. Gordon... [Read More]
Many Americans seem astounded that conservative white Christians have remained steadfast in their support of President Donald Trump, despite what they see as his immorality... [Read More]
Impeachment proceedings are the talk of the town in Washington, but in Kyiv they have other things to worry about. While U.S. Ambassador to the... [Read More]
For about a week at the beginning of September, with aid to Ukraine on hold and a deadline for its release approaching, the Trump administration's... [Read More]
After almost two years of negotiations and escalations -- and plenty of false dawns -- trade negotiators from the U.S. and China are making progress... [Read More]
Former special envoy to Ukraine Kurt Volker testified Tuesday at the House impeachment inquiry, and it was an interesting high-wire act. In his opening statement,... [Read More]
"I am concerned about a bad-faith effort to out a whistleblower who has a statutory right to remain anonymous." - Rep. Adam Schiff,... [Read More]
Some of President Donald Trump's allies have argued that his motivation for holding up almost $400 million in aid to Ukraine was his deep-seated concern... [Read More]
Just a few years ago, Gordon Sondland was best known as the founder of a successful chain of hotels and a merchant bank in the... [Read More]
Back on Sept. 24, 2015, Pope Francis drew ovations from both sides of the aisle in an address to Congress, one of the last joyful... [Read More]
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