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Nebraska farmers and ranchers are putting their lives back together as damage totals continue to climb after one of the worst disasters in the state's... [Read More]
Farmers Union Enterprises recently released STEM:IT AG, a STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) curriculum focused on agriculture, food and natural resources for kindergarten through... [Read More]
The fears weigh on Mike McMahon: If one of his undocumented workers gets a traffic ticket, it could prompt an immigration audit of his entire... [Read More]
The North Dakota Corn Growers Association has hired Lisa Hochhalter as its executive director.  ... [Read More]
Farming and ranching in the Upper Midwest isn't much fun right now. It's not particularly satisfying, enjoyable, pleasurable, or rewarding, either. The long, tough winter... [Read More]
President Donald Trump likes to talk about how much he "loves our farmers" but his most recent budget once again tries to slash key programs... [Read More]
North Dakota is the nation's dominant canola producer. That was especially true in 2018 — and could be the case again in 2019, too.A record... [Read More]
To get distilled water in North Dakota State University's Harris Hall, one must first make sure no one is using the men's bathroom. Then, the... [Read More]
The U.S. Department of Agriculture's Farm Service Agency is fully focused on implementation of the 2018 farm bill but is playing catch-up after the 35-day... [Read More]
Proposals to move the Agricultural Products Utilization Committee and authority over grain buyers to the North Dakota Agriculture Department remain alive in the North Dakota... [Read More]
Rhonda Larson has just spent a busy late-winter day substitute-teaching: kindergarten in the morning, second grade in the afternoon. But she's happy to spend the... [Read More]
We've had a busy winter meeting season where you've heard a lot of information and now it's time to sort through that information and figure... [Read More]
It's March, and rather than the snow starting to recede, there seems to be continuous chances of snow in the forecast.But what a difference a... [Read More]
WheatThe wheat market started the week reaching new contract lows with record net short positions in the Kansas City contract but experienced a bout of... [Read More]
Winter is coming to a close (despite this week's storms across much of the U.S. suggesting otherwise) and markets are getting into supply-side questions as... [Read More]
North Dakota ag groups and NDSU officials are asking the state legislature to support a new agricultural research center on campus to replace the aging... [Read More]
This week on AgweekTV, North Dakota farm groups back legislation to fund a proposed new Ag Products Development Center at NDSU. Student athletes at South... [Read More]
Meteorologist John Wheeler gives this week's agriweather forecast on AgweekTV. [Read More]
This March marks one year ago when I took steps to see a counselor. The pressures of farming, finances and family was becoming too overwhelming... [Read More]
Earlier this week, I met with President Trump at the White House to work on trade issues, which are very important for farmers and ranchers... [Read More]
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