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April Calahan, a fashion historian at the Fashion Institute of Technology, analyzes the historical accuracy of Beauty and the Beast's fashion. April analyzes Belle's iconic... [Read More]
For ages, the best treatment option available to women with postpartum depression has been antidepressants—an imperfect solution that often takes weeks to work. But last... [Read More]
One writer never saw a plus-size woman with a sense of style on TV. Then came Aidy Bryant on"Shrill." She explains what the show's fashion... [Read More]
The "This Is Us" season finale is on Tuesday, April 2, and there's so much riding on this episode. Here's what the cast told us... [Read More]
Jennifer Lopez had a high-low moment with an outfit she wore to shop with her daughter in New York City last week. She wore a... [Read More]
Black Monday actress and Bitch Sesh podcast co-host Casey Wilson makes a convincing argument for the TLC reality series 90 Day FiancÃ... [Read More]
The avocado recall affects avocados from California being sold in six states. Here's what you need to know. [Read More]
Just in time for the final season of 'Game of Thrones', Adidas has released a line of sneakers for each of the show's iconic houses.... [Read More]
Learn about the science and symptoms of migraine headaches. From the early warning signs through relief (at last!) this is what's actually happening to your... [Read More]
Discover the best designer makeup and cosmetic products, from the 2019 Glamour Beauty Awards. Expert reviews included. [Read More]
Discover the best drugstore makeup products of 2019 and Glamour Beauty Awards winners. Get expert reviews of mascara, bronzer, lipstick, and more. [Read More]
Discover the best natural and organic beauty products, as chosen by the 2019 Glamour Beauty Awards. Read all the expert reviews. [Read More]
Our experts narrowed down the best luxury skin care, including award-winning Augustinus Bader cream and the Light Stim device. Read all the reviews. [Read More]
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Barack Obama Sent a hand-written engagement card to Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez. [Read More]
Alana Nichols has battled the stigma of being an athlete and a disabled woman her entire adult life—but pregnancy is posing a new challenge. [Read More]
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