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Democrats can continue to defend Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez if they want to, but it's becoming increasingly clear that she's just not very smart, or honest for... [Read More]
This is a HUGE win for the pro-life movement. The Trump Administration has implemented a new rule that bans all federal Title X funding for... [Read More]
The elites have learned nothing since 2016. They still want their globalism. They still hate blue collar workers. They still do not see the threat... [Read More]
Biden's brain is functioning properly. Just ask Biden's brain surgeon. Biden on Tuesday evening said that RFK and MLK were assassinated in the "late 70's"... [Read More]
President Trump fired off a warning shot at Barack Obama and the deep state in June. The president tweeted out Tucker Carlson's comments and then... [Read More]
Investigative journalist John Solomon joined Sean Hannity to discuss his latest revelations in the ongoing Trump-Russia Spygate scandal. Solomon just posted his latest report at... [Read More]
Robert Mueller Concord Management and Consulting Company, the indicted Russian firm caught up in Mueller's junk bot case lashed out at the former special counsel... [Read More]
PAUL RYAN NEVER SUPPORTED DONALD TRUMP OR THE TRUMP AGENDA. Paul Ryan would not support Donald Trump and refused to campaign with Donald Trump. The... [Read More]
Wayne LaPierre, the Chief Executive and Executive Vice President of the National Rifle Association, tweeted this out tonight: I spoke to the president today. We... [Read More]
Tom Perez DNC chief Tom Perez will be traveling to Mexico City next month to participate in three fundraising events for the Democrat party. The... [Read More]
The Palestinian Authority has decided to ban all LGBT activities in the West Bank ahead of a scheduled LGBT event. Watch this video for Ilhan... [Read More]
Jennifer Kitchen, candidate for Virginia House Of Delegates, has been caught up in quite the covfefe on facebook. She's openly mocking a Hispanic Trump supporter... [Read More]
Nicholas Tartaglione, Jeffrey Epstein Jeffrey Epstein's former cell mate at the Metropolitan Correctional Center Nicholas Tartaglione is receiving threats from prison guards to "shut up"... [Read More]
Facebook removed a Women for Trump ad on Monday saying the ad violated Facebook policy. According to Facebook and Gizmodo: "A Facebook spokesperson told Gizmodo... [Read More]
Mitt Romney spoke to the Sutherland Institute in Salt Lake City on Monday. The Utah senator and globalist called for a US carbon tax. Mitt... [Read More]
Army National Guardsman and combat veteran Katie Jo Williams says that she has been stripped of her "Ms. Nevada State 2019" title and barred from... [Read More]
Republican Representative Matt Gaetz has responded to a new report from taxpayer watchdog group White Coat Waste Project and Pro-Life San Francisco that found millions of dollars... [Read More]
April Ryan A security guard for CNN's April Ryan has been charged with harassment, assault and theft after he violently took a reporter's equipment, hit... [Read More]
Marianne Williamson isn't bothering herself with targeting the other 22 candidates running for the Democratic presidential nomination. No, she's got her eye on one guy... [Read More]
Actress and activist Susan Sarandon took a hard swipe at Elizabeth Warren during an "ice cream social" event for Bernie Sanders in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.... [Read More]
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